Office Morale Fuels Productivity

Office Morale Important for Success

When running a business there can be little more influential to success than the happiness of your employees. Office morale plays a huge part in determining productivity and work quality and is something that no wise management will overlook. Happy workers are more likely to produce beneficial results, and it is these results that are required to keep a company operating smoothly.

There are fortunately a wide variety of ways that you can enhance the atmosphere of your workplace, thereby improving office morale. One of the great things about these methods is that they don’t require giant investments, expensive consultants, or even time-consuming waiting periods. It is the simple gift of flowers that can so effectively alter office morale.

How Office Morale Relates to Productivity

Before getting into the floral section of this report, more details of the importance of office morale must first be outlined. Office morale itself is most basically definite as the attitude, happiness and contentment of the people working for you. There are a large number of factors that can reduce office morale, thereby reducing overall productivity as an unfortunate side-effect:

· Stress – This is probably the biggest office morale killer of them all. Stress can truly and completely wreck a person’s day to the point where they’ll be less productive than a team of chimpanzees with typewriters. If an office environment is hostile or if other factors are contributing to a negative experience, it can be certain that office morale will suffer.

The first major cause is the commute. If people are forced to travel over great distances to attend their jobs, they’ll be walking in the door frowning. Sadly, there isn’t much you can do short of promoting a carpooling system to relieve the stress of driving.

This means that the office itself is what requires the focus of your attention. If that frown is not transformed into a smile quickly, the entire day’s productivity is pretty much shot. In addition, the frowning person will unwittingly lower office morale by transferring his or her negative emotions onto coworkers. As you can imagine, that has potential for disaster.

· Hostility – Although it is nearly universal for companies to employ rules and regulations preventing harassment or aggressive behavior, it is reality that this kind of thing still goes on. If a worker is being constantly bothered by someone else, you can bet that their productivity will mirror this fact. Of course, their mood will transfer to others and office morale will drop.

· Environment – The last and perhaps largest influence on office morale is the environment in which people are asked to work. The typical office layout has people sitting at a computer in a cubicle or at a desk. If the office is undecorated, bland and bleak, office morale will suffer as people’s moods reflect back their surroundings.

How to Increase Office Morale with Flowers

You are fortunately not unarmed in your battle against low office morale. Your local florist is in possession of everything you need to begin cheering up your staff and enjoying the increased productivity that results. Flowers are a powerful tool and possess a number of benefits that can help you in your quest:

· Health-enhancing – Although one can’t go so far as to say that flowers possess healing powers, they are still capable of improving someone’s physical wellbeing. Growing plants (as opposed to cut stems) are natural air filters, and the presence of some within your office can clear up musty and dusty air. Blooms with a pleasant fragrance can also stimulate good moods in your workers.

Flowers also have a natural ability to put us at ease. If surrounded by elements of natural beauty, we are less likely to become depressed, sad or bored. This can keep our moods up and keep us feeling great throughout the day.

· Stress-busting – Flowers are also nature’s stress-busters. By calming people down and providing them with positive visual stimuli, you can effectively reduce the impact of a stressful day. A good example of how this can improve office morale is lining the entrance hallway or reception area of your office with flowers. This can counter the negative effects of a long commute.

Flowers around the desk or in central locations throughout the office can overcome drab interiors and keep people feeling cheerful all day. The resulting hike in office morale will guaranteed that productivity accelerates to meet your own requirements.

Ordering Flowers for the Office

Using flowers to influence office morale can fortunately be a very easy process. By using your florist’s online website to place your order, you can choose, pay for and arrange the delivery of floral decorations without having to leave your workplace. The time and productivity saving benefits of this make flowers one of the best ways to combat low office morale.

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