Praise Makes the World go ‘Round

It has been said by some that today’s younger people are the “Praised Generation.” This is argued by pointing out the significant social and psychological changes in policy employed by educators, business owners and parents as research suggests newer and more effective ways of nurturing a young person.

Because of how important praise has become as a tool for nurturing growth and achieving beneficial results, it is becoming highly important that all institutions begin accommodating the concept while designing plans and procedures relating to the treatment of younger people.

The Popularity of Praise

It was around the 1960s when social scientists and psychologists began to question traditional methods of upbringing. In those days, it was not uncommon for violent and angry punishments to be used as a method of nurturing and molding children into “proper” adults. These sociologists and psychologists started to wonder if such methods were truly effective, and if there were better ways.

Their studies caught on over time and became very popular, with the 1990s in particular illustrating a great boom in the use of praise in nurturing. An abandonment of harsh punishment and adoption of more supportive methods like praise for good behavior has resulted in legal changes in our societies, with child protection services intervening whenever an unfortunate situation has been discovered.

Although some people swear by a belief that an interview with the strap or yard stick shaped them into a good person, the simple fact is that these methods are no longer used today. Although some might not approve of what are often viewed as “soft” or weak tactics for raising young people, the results of well-used praise are hard to mistake.

Praise is a star player on the field of raising children, with such great efforts being taken to prevent hurt feelings, injuries and upset tempers that even things like sports and playgrounds are being altered to make them friendlier. Because young people are constantly fed praise as a means of growth, it has become crucial to integrate it into policy and strategy dealing with them.

Praise in Education

Teachers often find themselves unable to control students today because they are no longer able to use disciplinary methods to correct behavior. What in the past might have resulted in a ruler across the hand now ends up as a discussion with a guidance counselor to discover the root of the problems. Although these strategies are still rough around the edges, they are growing in strength yearly.

The rights of children are paramount in how educational facilities now operate. With litigation being a growing threat for many institutions, they have no choice but to change how they operate to protect their charges. Fortunately, the easiest way to do so is also the best: being liberal with well-deserved praise to improve the morale of students.

Praise in Business

Although it is slow to catch on in the business world, many companies and managers are now realizing that the younger generations can’t be treated the same as their parents were. New human resource policies are being developed to cater to the mentality that praise has generated. By rewarding good performance with praise, a business is now able to work well with younger employees.

Praise is so important, in fact, that without it your young employees might not function at all. Repeated criticism or being ignored can damage their egos and make them wonder if they are being useful. By using praise to remind them of how much they are helping the business, you can increase their productivity and morale. All at the cost of a “thanks, you’re really helping out.”

Creative Ideas for Praise

If you’re interested in some alternative methods of showing praise for your young students or workers, you may wish to consider flowers. The key is not to worship your young people, but rather to make them feel wanted and welcome. Flowers can be integral in making this work. If you listen to a young person and discover they are nervous or depressed, such a gift can be perfect praise to cheer them up.

A simple bouquet or small arrangement can be suitable for an employee. Attach a small gift card and a thank you note to it for exceptional performance and you have yourself an inexpensive and valuable tool of dispensing praise amongst your younger staff. This is great for showing them that you love the results they’ve brought about, and will do wonders for their morale.

For students, consider creating a system where you use a single flower as a reward for good behavior and results. Students can construct a small arrangement in a vase, competing with each other to be on their best behavior to have the largest vase.

You can take advantage of your florist’s website by ordering flowers directly online. This allows your vessels of praise to be shipped directly to your school or office, and prevents a need to physically come down to a store if you are stressed for time.

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