Father’s Day Flowers Becoming Mainstream

Father’s Day Flowers a Growing Trend

To many, the idea of getting their dad Father’s day flowers might seem a little bit unusual. It’s true that people don’t typically picture a bouquet as a normal gift for men, but the fact is that it’s becoming more popular every year. The truth is that men enjoy flowers as much as women do; the only difference is that many believe it’s not proper to publicly reveal this.

It makes little sense, however, for someone to ignore the beauty and enjoyment that a flowers and plants can offer. Thanks to changes in social structure and thinking, many men are now becoming more open about such things, meaning that Father’s day flowers are now very legitimate gifts for your dad.

Traditional Ideas for Father’s Day Flowers

The first and most obvious ideas for Father’s Day flowers mirror those used for women. Bouquets and other arrangements from the florist can do the trick nicely, pleasing dad with the ingenuity and creative uniqueness of the gift. Sometimes men get tired of the “manly” gifts like tools and sports equipment, and will appreciate a fresh and attractive alternative.

Consider some tips, however, when planning bouquets of Father’s Day flowers. Even though the concept is now gaining popularity, men still have different aesthetic tastes than women. If you’re aware of your dad’s favorite color you’ll know that it’s more than likely not pink or yellow. Blue, red and other powerful staples can be delicate yet masculine at the same time.

A bouquet of vibrant red blossoms can project an image of power that your dad may enjoy, whereas a blue arrangement can be suitable for a calm and collected bookworm variety dad. Either way, so long as you avoid the more feminine displays, you can put together Father’s day flowers that he’ll be sure to love.

Alternative Ideas for Father’s Day Flowers

If you’re not convinced that a traditional bouquet of Father’s day flowers will work for you, you may wish to consider some creative alternatives. The most popular of them all consists of the gift basket. Baskets are versatile things in that they can consists of nearly anything you can think of, allowing for custom designs that can appeal to hobbies, interests and aesthetic taste all in one.

A common option is to mix Father’s day flowers in with practical items that he’ll be able to enjoy. Food-based baskets are incredibly popular. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a dad who doesn’t like to eat, meaning you can’t really go wrong with a fruit, candy or other basket. Consider including cheese and crackers with dried meats or a favorite candy to allow for enjoyable snacking opportunities.

If food isn’t the way to go, you can come up with other combinations that may end up being perfect. For example, consider whether or not your dad is an avid golfer or athlete. If he loves to golf, designing a basket that mixes Father’s day flowers with golf balls and tees, or perhaps a discount or free game coupon at a local course, can be a great option.

If he loves to watch sports, make creative use of cards to include tickets to a game as your highlight item, surrounded by snacks and Father’s day flowers. An arrangement like that, combined with Father’s day flowers, can provide a more creative alternative to simply handing your dad a card.

When ordering baskets from your local florist, it is advisable to do so a day or two ahead of time. The florist will actually head out to acquire the items you wish to include in the custom design, meaning that whatever you’ve created will be realized through their cheerful efforts. Only the freshest and highest quality food items will be chosen to maintain a great gift.

This extra time allows the florist to compensate for shortages they might come across, and will help result in the best possible gift. If you have a special item you wish to include, give it to the florist from the start and describe how you want it worked in. They’ll be happy to arrange it with your Father’s day flowers and other items.

Ordering Father’s Day Flowers

If you decide that Father’s day flowers are the way to go, you have two great ways to take advantage of them. You can either order Father’s day flowers in person at the florist’s store, or use their website to enjoy the shopping experience from home. Simply select the Father’s day flowers you wish to buy, pay for it using the safe and secure online form, and then arrange for delivery.

Delivery is another great aspect of how you can enjoy Father’s day flowers. Same-day local and domestic guarantees mean that you can order something the day before or day of the event and see it arrive only a few hours later. This is great if you need to send last-minute Father’s day flowers or if you’re unable to present them to your Dad in person.

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