Christmas Decoration Guide

Christmas Decoration throughout History

Christmas decoration has long been one of the favorite aspects of the holiday for many people. Designing, creating and displaying ornaments and other decorations can be fun and serves as a great way for the family to coordinate on a project. In years long ago the tradition of Christmas decoration existed as strongly as today, with many creative ideas serving in place of our modern inventions.

There was no electricity hundreds of years ago, and plastic had yet to be invented. This meant that each and every Christmas decoration was custom-built and served a special purpose. In place of lights people would mount candles on trees in strategic locations. Natural garlands served instead of tinsel, with strung nuts, shells, beads and other pretty items being strung over tree and bush alike.

Christmas Decoration Today

As technology progressed so too did our ability to produce a bigger or brighter Christmas decoration. Electricity and the light bulb soon gave way to colorful Christmas lights which took the place of candles and cut back on fire risks. Foil tinsel, plastic ornaments and many other advanced creations have transformed Christmas decoration for everyone by providing so many new options.

Next to Santa and gifts it is the tradition of Christmas decoration that lies at the top of everyone’s favorite things about the holiday. For many people the anticipation of cutting a new tree and hanging up each special Christmas decoration makes this holiday the best time of year.

Artificial Christmas Decoration

The following are ideas about how to spruce up your home with an attractive Christmas decoration arrangement:

· Lights – The technology of lights has come a long way in the last twenty years. Gone are the days when a single burned-out bulb would herald hours of grueling testing to find out which was the culprit. Modern strings of lights bypass such problems, thereby granting extended life that makes lights a must-have Christmas decoration for your home.

Outdoor lights come in many attractive variants. Some of the most popular in recent years are icicle lights that hang down from your eaves troughs as though they were natural icicles. A light string in the shape of a snowflake is another popular Christmas decoration for hanging on a porch or in a window.

· Ornaments – No tree is complete without an array of ornaments. Modern technology means that there is practically no limit to the variety that you can choose from. It’s possible to find a Christmas decoration for your tree that follows nearly any theme, from nativity to patriotic to cartoons.

Natural Christmas Decoration

No Christmas decoration plan is complete without living plants and flowers. There are three major contenders aside from the tree that serve well in the role of providing natural Christmas decoration for the inside of your home:

· Ivy – Ivy is an important traditional Christmas decoration. The plant is believed to be symbolic in many ways, representing three major facts: it clings, it thrives in the shade, and it is evergreen. Its clinging has made the ivy a traditional symbol of the helpless female clinging to her man for protection.

It also signifies true love, faithfulness, and undying affection – both in marriage and in friendship – thanks to its ability to stay green all year long. The fact that it thrives in the shade represents strength and resilience. The combination of all three makes ivy a great Christmas decoration to use around your house.

· Mistletoe – This plant is an ancient favorite. Druid priests used this Christmas decoration two hundred years before the birth of Christ in their winter celebrations. They revered the flower since it had no roots yet remained green during the cold months of winter. Today mistletoe is usually hung above doorways and used in innocent kissing games.

· Poinsettia – A popular potted plant often seen around this time of year, the poinsettia unfortunately carries an unfortunate rumor of being highly toxic. There is no real evidence to suggest this, making it safer to use decoratively than many people believe. Although it’s not advisable to turn one into a salad, no harm will come from a dog or child accidentally tasting this colorful red plant.

Ordering Holiday Plants

You can enjoy all the tradition and fun of holiday plants by contacting your local florist. During the holiday season you can bet that they’ll have everything you need in stock and ready for purchase. The above three species are usually easy to get a hold of, with poinsettia being particularly easy to acquire. Just let your florist know what you’re looking for and they’ll be able to point it out.

You may also order holiday plants and flowers online through the website, saving you a trip to the store during the busy holiday rush. Same-day local delivery guarantees mean that your decorations will arrive the same day you order them, which adds further convenience to the process.

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