Send Flowers: The Perfect Gift for any Occasion

Send flowers on any occasion or for any holiday in order to take advantage of what some believe is the greatest gift of all. This popular choice is perfect for both men and women of all ages. Why is it such a great idea to send flowers?

Flowers for women

It has long been a tradition to send flowers to women. A bouquet of fresh flowers carries with it a certain nobility that many other gifts lack, and has a historical prominence for being both affordable and easy to acquire. Years ago, when money was less easy to come by, shopping for an expensive gift was usually out of the question.

When weekly wages barely covered the cost of a loaf of bread, saving up for a box of chocolates or a piece of jewelry was often difficult, if not impossible. That’s where the idea to send flowers was so helpful. A man could go out into the field and pick a bouquet for his wife or girlfriend and not spend a penny.

It remains a popular choice to send flowers today for the same reason that they are affordable, but also due to scientific evidence that flowers are able to reduce stress, increase happiness, and filter your air (in the case of still-living plants).

Flowers for men

Although this is not an old tradition, it is nevertheless one that is gaining popularity. It was once considered awkward or inappropriate to present a man with a floral arrangement, but those days have long passed. The appeal of flowers happens to be universal, but it’s only now that men are educated and open enough to agree that it’s not such a bad thing to be given a bouquet or basket.

Flowers for children

It’s a great idea to send flowers to children as a gift. Sure, they might not have the same appeal as a new X360 game or a DVD, but they have other benefits that make this a good idea. Consider the fact that flowers have been proven to, when present, generate an atmosphere of general calm. What this means is that the presence of flowers can help a child to focus and concentrate – often a difficult task given the constant distractions of technology.

Send flowers to decorate a child’s room and rest assured that you might be contributing to greater academic success. It’s easier to study and do work in the presence of a stress-reducing item, and it’s frankly pretty hard to remain grumpy and un-cooperative with such a cheerful reminder of the Earth’s bounty nearby!

Send flowers for the holidays – a list of perfect occasions

As previously mentioned, it’s a good idea to send flowers as a holiday gift alternative or to include them with existing items you’ve chosen. Here’s a list of some occasions to send flowers, and why it’s a good idea:

· Christmas – Send flowers on Christmas as an alternative to other gifts, especially if your recipient is one of those frustratingly hard people to shop for. This is both affordable and well-received, as it shows you still care and that you possess the tact not to get them another tie or towel set.

· Valentine’s Day – Send flowers on Valentine’s Day and you will be participating in a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. It’s pretty much expected these days, so you can’t really go wrong with a delivery of your partner’s favorite flower.

· Easter – It’s also a long-standing tradition to send flowers over the Easter holidays. They symbolize life, so what gift is better suited to this particular holiday?

· Birthdays – Send flowers on someone’s birthday either as a stand-alone gift or as a compliment to a customized card and you’re sure to see a smile on their face. It isn’t usually expected, so you can be guaranteed to surprise and delight your friends and family.

· Weddings – Perhaps the oldest tradition for sending flowers is tied in to wedding ceremonies. A lesser-known fact about the middle ages was that people could only really afford to bathe once or twice a year. Weddings, most popular in the spring, didn’t usually occur around the bi-yearly bath time. The solution to blocking out those unfriendly bodily odors? The bride would disguise them with floral arrangements she’d wear in her hair and on her dress. We don’t exactly require that effect anymore, but the tradition has remained. Send flowers as a wedding gift and you can do no wrong.


Now that we’ve covered some of the basic reasons why it’s a good reason to send flowers, we hope you’ve come away with a greater appreciation for them as a versatile and effective gift. Keep them in mind whenever you’re having difficulty picking out a gift, and you’ll find them a helpful ally indeed.

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