Christmas Holly an Essential Holiday Plant

Christmas Holly Traditional History

When Christmas time arrives there are certain images that run through all of our minds. Santa Claus, presents, Christmas trees, decorations, ridiculously large dinners and quality family time are all amongst them. Amongst the decorations in particular there are specific plants and flowers that are associated with the holiday season. Perhaps of greatest significance is Christmas holly, which no true celebration is without.

Christmas holly has a long tradition as a decoration that stems from earlier uses before the holiday even existed. Because of the fact that it thrives in the winter and combines red and green (the traditional holiday colors), it has always been a part of the holiday season. Because of its attractive appearance, it is one of the most popular plants that people tend and grow during the winter.

The Origins of Christmas Holly

There are over six hundred species of the holly plant that are found all around the world, with the greatest concentrations existing in Asia, Europe, North Africa and the Americas. There are two prominent species used as Christmas holly decorations, and it is these two varieties that you most commonly seen grown domestically.

English holly is the most traditional “Christmas holly” and the one most often sold by florists. This variety of Christmas holly and its many cultivars are noted for having lustrous, dark green leaves in the typical holly shape, and abundant, bright red berries. It is this combination of red and green that makes the plant so appropriate for the holiday.

The other popular variety is the American holly, which is known for being a hardier species in the wild. It has larger leaves than the English variant, although they are neither as glossy nor densely packed. Although a popular species, it is not as commonly seen as English Christmas holly.

There is a third species worth noting, although it isn’t as commonly used as a decoration like more traditional Christmas holly. The third variant is known as “winterberry” and is a species that drops all of its leaves in the winter time, leaving behind bare branches laden with bright red berries. Despite the fact that it is not as common as the other two as a decoration, it is still enjoyable to display.

Christmas Holly as Decorations

Next to the Christmas tree and plants like ivy and poinsettia, Christmas holly is the most commonly-used natural holiday decoration. Strategically-placed sprigs of the plant can lend a cozy and enjoyable ambiance to a room, and the bright red and green colors will highlight the majority of your other decorations in an admirable fashion.

One quick note about safety is required when discussing Christmas holly. The red berries are mildly toxic to humans and most animals, and so you’ll want to keep the plants out of reach of small children or pets. Infants and toddlers lack the intelligence to consider that something may be harmful, and so the fact that they’ll put everything from coins to batteries to their own feet into their mouths means Christmas holly should not be left where they can get at it.

Fortunately, the risks of ingesting Christmas holly berries are not severe. Mild nausea and diarrhea are common, as is the odd bit of vomiting, but there is no serious threat if some is accidentally swallowed.

Despite any possible health risks, Christmas holly is a perfect decoration for the interior and exterior of your home. Consider designing a creative wreath featuring the plant mixed with others like ivy to produce a natural variant to commercial varieties. You may also wish to grow Christmas holly plants in your garden to keep them green throughout the entire year.

Christmas holly plants also make good gifts for friends and family. You can include it in a special holiday bouquet or arrange it with jams, candies and other goodies in a personalized gift basket for something that will really impress the recipient. If you require suggestions about what to include in a gift basket your florist will be happy to provide professional advice.

Ordering Christmas Holly

You can easily order Christmas holly arrangements by visiting your local florist’s shop and letting them know what you’re looking for. They can suggest combinations with other plants in the case of a bouquet or gift basket and can also point out good locations in and on your home to display it. Other plants like poinsettia and ivy will also be available for gifts and decorations.

Your second option is to use the florist’s online site to place an order. The same inventory will be available, along with special Christmas deals and unique arrangements. Taking advantage of same-day local and domestic delivery guarantees means that you can let this customer service policy free up your time for other shopping while helping you rest assured that your Christmas holly will arrive on time wherever it is needed.

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