Thank You Cards Etiquette Guide

Thank You Cards Gaining Popularity

Thank you cards are an older tradition, and one that became extraordinarily popular during the etiquette-heavy Edwardian and Victorian eras. It was considered proper manners to write a personalized letter to someone expressing your gratitude for something they did to benefit you. Modern thank you cards are based on this very same concept and take much the same form as they did two hundred years ago.

Although politeness and etiquette were not as important during the last few decades as they once were, it’s becoming fashionable and proper do emulate the old traditions. People are starting to realize the value of good manners and enjoy the strengthened relationships that something as simple as thoughtful thank you cards can generate and enforce.

Thank You Cards: Do’s and Don’ts

As great an idea as it is to design and send out custom thank you cards to your friends and family, there are certain mistakes that many people make which quite often nullify any benefit that the gesture might have had. By avoiding these common pitfalls you can more effectively let someone know just how much appreciation you have for their selfless actions.

The first common mistake is to go out and buy generic factory-produced thank you cards. These are merely cards with printed messages on them and that possess about as much personality as a block of cement. Although better than nothing, a generic card is not the best way to thank someone for what they’ve done for you.

The second common mistake is to be too elaborate with your thank you cards. If you end up sending someone a gift that is more expensive or significant than what they did for you it can create uncomfortable social situations. For this reason it is best to remain modest. Cheap is bad, but modesty maintains a level of quality that will be sure to get your message across.

The best bet for designing effective thank you cards is to pick a blank and attractive card with space for writing your own message. When writing a personalized message be sure to mention the effort the person made for you and outline how you are enjoying it or what it has done to improve your life. Rather than a basic “thanks,” this can transform thank you cards into a special personal statement.

You may also wish to combine thank you cards with small gifts that are of appropriate size and complexity. This is especially a good idea during holiday seasons or in response to a birthday present. This combination can really make a person feel good and runs no risk of making you see ungrateful (like a factory card might).

Proper Gifts to Combine with Thank You Cards

A small token gift is a perfect addition to thank you cards and a great way to let someone know how much you appreciated their efforts on your behalf. When searching for an appropriate gift to send the best place to shop is your local florist’s store. The following are all creative and appropriate gift ideas to compliment thank you cards:

· Bouquet – A small bouquet of the person’s favorite flowers can go a long way towards enhancing thank you cards. Don’t pick anything too elaborate, but keeping this in mind you can still find some beautiful and enjoyable arrangements. If you are unfamiliar with their favorite flower you can select a seasonal bouquet or something tropical. Both choices are usually very well-received.

· Gift baskets – A small gift basket is a great and personalized way to bear thank you cards. You can combine flowers with pretty much any item under the sun to create unique and enjoyable gift baskets. Fruit, chocolate, bath oils, candles and more are perfect examples of what you can put together. Ask your florist for assistance if you aren’t sure what to go with and they can provide suitable suggestions.

Ordering Thank You Cards and Gifts

By telling your florist what your personal message is, they can put it in a special high-quality card to include with your gift, if you choose to buy one. Head on down to their shop and let them know what your plans are. They’ll be able to point out appropriate gifts to accompany thank you cards and will be happy to provide creative advice if you aren’t used to buying these types of gifts.

You can also use the website to place orders directly from your home or office, saving you time if you are too busy to come down to the store. Same-day local and domestic delivery guarantees mean that you can send your thank you cards right away without enduring long waits. Next-day international delivery means you can send thank you cards along with your personal gift to friends and family living abroad thanks to a network of associated global florists.

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