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Flower Art throughout History

Flower art has long been one of the most popular forms of artistic and creative expression around the world. From the earliest days of cave paintings through to the invention of the high-definition camera, mankind has enjoyed a considerable obsession with capturing images of flowers. Few things in nature are quite so beautiful, and so the popularity of flower art is no surprise.

As greater advancements came about artists began to enjoy new mediums of creative expression. Canvas paintings, charcoal sketches, stained glass and even the design and planting of a decorative garden all became hugely popular during the middle ages and renaissance period. The fixation humanity has with flower art remains to this day and shows no sign of ever leaving us.

Older Flower Art

The more “classical” forms of flower art involve such things as paintings, sketches and sculpture, with more advanced variants including stained glass. Perhaps the most commonly known and most popular flower art remains paintings which, under the brush of an expert artist, can seem as though the very picture was torn from the landscape and stuck to the canvas.

Paintings were of such great popularity in older times that the wealthy and powerful would commission the best artists of the lands to capture portraits and to design them landscapes and other attractive images as decoration. Because of the lack of limitations that paint forces artists to suffer, floral creations of any size, shape and color were possible. This made it a very popular option for decoration.

Sketches were also popular once paper had become affordable and common enough for the average artist to be able to acquire it. Charcoal pencils were some of the earliest tools used to create these drawings and still remain very popular for flower art and other drawings demanding fine and minute attention to detail.

Stained glass was rare and saved almost exclusively for churches, and nearly all creations were primarily nativity scenes. There were, however, often requests for stained glass workers to create flower art for windows and doors. Stained glass is more common today and you can often see it hanging in living room windows as a sun-catcher.

Modern Flower Art

Today’s forms of flower art are slightly different from those of the older eras. The invention of the camera gave people an entirely new tool to help them make flower art. At first they were limited to black and white which, although allowing the capture of an image, were not the best for detailed pictures. Color being one of the most important aspects of flower art, the invention of superior cameras helped this hobby take off.

Today we have high-definition cameras allowing skilled photographers a chance to zoom in on individual beads of dew on a petal. It’s no surprise that photographic flower art is now one of the most popular forms of all.

Not to be forgotten is the simple act of designing and planting a creative and decorative garden to enjoy outside of your home. A well-designed and creatively installed garden is worthy of being consider flower art so long as you have enough colorful species present to classify it as such. Rock gardens, Japanese gardens, water gardens and more all present you with natural forms of creating flower art.

Flower Art as Gifts

Flowers can make a great sentimental gift for a friend or family member. Your local florist is well-equipped to design and ship out complex and attractive creations as you need them, and can provide a great wealth of professional suggestions should you be short on ideas.

Bouquets are one of the most popular forms of modern flower art. Arranging flowers to create an attractive collection requires training, patience and an eye for beauty. The finished products are universally enjoyed and make great gifts for any occasion you can think of. Gift baskets, table centerpieces and other creative floral designs are additional forms of flower art you can consider.

Buying Flower Art

The best place to by flower art in the form of paintings, sculptures and so on is an art gallery or home decoration shop. If you’re looking for natural alternatives the florist is the place to be. You can head down to the physical shop to browse available selections and discuss creative ideas or instead call on the phone to go over your plans from the comfort of your home or office.

The online website gives you the opportunity to browse various custom floral designs that you can choose from, allowing you to pick and choose your floral gifts at will. Same-day local and domestic delivery guarantees mean that your gift will arrive on time even if you can’t deliver it personally. Next-day international guarantees extend that benefit overseas for far-away friends and relatives.

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