Wedding Flower Ideas for Modern Couples

Wedding flower ideas can be some of the most useful bits of information when you’re planning a ceremony. Many aspects of it involve using flowers for decoration, including the bride and groom’s clothing, the church interior and exterior and the reception. It is important when considering wedding flower ideas to elect either a theme of variety or consistency. Balancing too closely in the middle will detract from the overall visual quality.

To grasp the importance of wedding flower ideas one must first look back to their origins. The first recorded use of wedding flowers can be attributed to the Greeks. Flowers and plants were bundled together to create a garland wreath worn upon the head. It was considered a gift of nature, and thus very appropriate for a wedding. Traditionally, the Greek bridesmaids would be responsible for this honor.

The tradition of wedding flowers remains to this day. We may not make wreaths to wear, but the meaning and nature of flowers remains the same. That’s why considering the right wedding flower ideas is so crucial to a successful ceremony.

Wedding Flower Ideas – Key Components

There are a few key items involved in any ceremony, and all should be included if you intend to go for a traditional feel. We’ve outlined some sound suggestions for you to consider when planning.

· The Bouquet. This can be considered one of the most important aspects of the ceremony next to the bride and groom themselves. Ensuring that the bouquet is perfect is critically important so that you won’t have any errors in matching colors. There are many wedding flower ideas to consider when it comes to the bouquet.

First of all, during which season is the wedding taking place? You want to make sure that the flowers match the season; otherwise you can have a visual disaster on your hands. Your florist will be the best source of information and advice when it comes to determining appropriate wedding flower ideas, so be sure to consult with them during every step of the process.

Secondly, what color will the dress be? What color are the bride’s eyes and hair? These must all be considered as well when coming up with wedding flower ideas.

· The corsage. This is another important, if secondary, component of the dress ensemble. Worn about the wrist, the corsage consists of flowers that match the bouquet as closely as possible. They are also generally matched up with the boutonniere (more on those in a moment) worn by the groom.

· The boutonniere. An important component of the groom’s ensemble, the boutonniere is a traditional item that is intended to match the corsage and bouquet of the bride. It was originally just a single flower pushed through the buttonhole of the groom’s suit, but is now usually a small arrangement pinned to the left lapel of the jacket.

· Reception centerpiece. When considering the reception ceremony, you will want to include at least one centerpiece. The largest and most elaborate should be reserved for the table where the wedding party will sit, and smaller, less elaborate ones are appropriate for guest tables. Again, consider such things as the season and flowers already worn by the couple when coming up with wedding flower ideas for the reception.

Wedding Flower Ideas – Additional Sources of Information

Even though planning a wedding and trying to pick and choose from amongst so many wedding flower ideas can seem a daunting task, you are not without allies. Florists specialize in servicing weddings, and will be more than capable in assisting you with every aspect of the planning.

You can work with them through every step, selecting beautiful combinations of fresh flowers that are most suitable to your needs and personal taste. Or, if you prefer, you can hand your florist the reigns and let them take over coming up with wedding flower ideas entirely. Either way, you’ll end up with something both appropriate and enjoyable that you and all of your guests will instantly love.

Be sure to stop by their shop or browse their inventory online for wedding flower ideas. Both are a great source and one that should not be ignored. You can find many attractive plant species within for use at your ceremony, and can enlist the aid of the staff to help you think of new wedding flower ideas.

The florist is also a great stop for gift-giving if you are a guest to a ceremony. Providing a congratulatory bouquet or arrangement for the couple is an excellent way to show your respect and admiration for their union. You may also wish to pitch in with wedding flower ideas to help the couple if you happen to know they are having difficulties. Such a gesture will usually be appreciated.

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