Prom Decorations Planning Guide

Prom Decorations are an Important Tradition

The prom culminates the end of years of hard work, new friendships and good memories. For many it’s the single-most important part of their entire school experience, often beating out the graduation ceremony itself. It’s no surprise, given these facts, that planning plays an important role for everyone attending. Dresses, suits, prom decorations and limousine rentals are all things to consider.

The prom decorations themselves are a very important tradition, with each piece playing a specific special role in the celebration. When planning for your prom, it’s important to choose prom decorations that suit your personal taste and style while making sure they match those of your date. A perfectly-planned prom can be a great experience and one you’ll never forget.

The Traditional Prom Decorations

The following two items are nearly as important as the dress and tuxedo. No prom is complete without these critical prom decorations. The following is a guide to the selection of each one:

· Corsage: It’s tradition for the guy to buy a corsage for his date. These prom decorations can be either of the pin-on variety or the type that is worn about the wrist. It is a good idea to know what color dress your date is wearing so that the corsage you choose doesn’t clash. Keep this in mind when making your selection unless you wish the corsage to be a surprise.

Alternatively, some couples elect to go together and choose their prom decorations. Recommended are flowers sporting cool, light colors like blues and pinks, although vibrant reds, oranges and purples are also fun alternatives. Don’t forget to consider the color of her dress when picking out these prom decorations.

· Boutonniere: Traditionally girls will buy the boutonniere for their dates. It’s usually a pin-on carnation or rose with baby’s breath that is almost always worn on the right lapel. You may want to order this at the same time your date orders your corsage to keep things convenient, unless you’re going for surprise. It’s possible to get package deals from some florists if you do this.

When choosing a boutonniere and other prom decorations it is very important that everything match properly. The result of the alternative is a very unsatisfactory appearance that will cause embarrassment or, at the very least, lower the amount of fun you’ll have.

Using Flowers as Prom Decorations

Now that you are familiar with the two major types of prom decorations, here are some suggestions as to how you can most effectively put them together. Flowers are your best choice, and your local florist will be happy to provide suggestions and advice:

· Rose: The rose is perhaps the number one favorite for prom flowers. Red, pink and white roses are recommended, although you can experiment with additional colors for a unique style. The great thing about roses is that they look great, smell great, and act as a perfect fall-back choice if you can’t find something else.

· Orchid: As an alternative to roses, the orchid makes an excellent choice for prom decorations. Specifically for the corsage or a nosegay, the addition of an orchid will transform your beautiful date into a stunning princess that other guys will be in envy of. This tropical favorite is definitely not one to overlook.

· Wildflowers: Another favorite for a more rural setting is a collection of wildflowers. This works especially well for a bouquet, and is definitely a great alternative to more “classic” prom decorations.

Ordering Prom Decorations

The best place to find prom decorations of any variety is at your local florist’s shop. Head on in and tell them exactly what you’re looking for and they’ll be sure to have the supplies needed for the job. If you’re coordinating with your date you can seek advice on which varieties of prom decorations match best to make sure that everything looks amazing.

If you don’t have a florist in a convenient location or are pressed for time you can use their website as a viable alternative. The website lists the same inventory as they carry in the store and allows you to make a selection as easily as clicking your mouse. A safe and secure ordering form guarantees that your financial information will not be put at any risk whatsoever when ordering prom decorations.

In addition to these benefits you can enjoy those relating to the convenience the internet has to offer. Same-day local delivery guarantees mean that you can place an order for prom decorations in the morning and have them arrive at your house in the afternoon. This is great for last-minute shoppers or if you are low on free time.

If you’re ordering prom decorations for a family member and live in a different city the same-day guarantee remains the same for domestic orders thanks to a network of associated florists. This allows you to brighten someone’s day by sending them flowers for their special event.

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