Baby Boomers a Complex Group

Baby Boomers Nearing Retirement

Baby boomers, so named for the “boom” in births that resulted from the end of World War Two and the subsequent ten or so years, comprise a fairly large portion of today’s population. Although it’s hard to characterize such a large group of people into one category, there is a specific thing that they all have in common: retirement. Baby boomers are coming close to retiring and their lives are changing to mirror this fact.

Many retirement plans have become popular and important things to consider for a large group of baby boomers. Without a careful retirement plan, it can become difficult to enjoy the good years to come. There are, in general, five “groups” of baby boomers that can be described, and each one tackles the challenge of retirement in a different manner.

The Five Types of Baby Boomers
Marketing demographers once tried to analyze the baby boomers when they were younger, up-and-coming adults. They’re now being treated with careful scrutiny once again as their increased buying power at this later stage in life bucks traditional trends, making them a powerful market force that many companies are refusing to ignore.
Demographers find they can’t use the same tactics they did twenty years ago to study baby boomers. The simple fact is that times have changed far too significantly for that to work. The marketing research firm “Chadwick Martin Bailey” believes it has discovered a great deal of useful information in a recently released survey that groups baby boomers into five distinct, new categories:
· Status Seekers: More than one quarter of the age group falls into this category. Status seekers are baby boomers who place a great deal of value on having money and visible marks of prestige.
· Traditionalists: According to Chadwick, this comprises 23 percent of the baby boomers. They can be seen as church-going, frugal, and politically conservative
· Blue Collar Skeptics: A further 18 percent of the baby boomers. They are considered the hard-working, low-income portion of this group.
· Activists: This group makes up 17 percent of the baby boomers and can best be described as the socially and politically liberal who are most active in current events.
· Achievers — The smallest group, achievers are proud users of technology who keep up with modern trends. They are the most likely to make an effort to adapt to the times.
The end result of this study indicates that baby boomers cannot easily be grouped together into a single descriptive unit. The wants and needs of each group are too different to allow such thinking to be successful. Although each group is likely concerned with the same overall themes (health, money and happiness), there is a great difference in how they handle aging.
Gift Ideas for Baby Boomers

As you can see, baby boomers are made up of a wide range of personality types. It can often be difficult to shop for such a diverse group of people, but there is fortunately one option available that can’t easily go wrong. Giving the gifts of flowers and floral-based arrangements takes advantage of a universally-appealing trend that will be sure to please any recipient.

The first of the gift ideas is the simple bouquet. A bouquet of flowers has a long and proud tradition as a favorite amongst a large portion of the population. Suitable for friends, family and lovers, a bouquet of flowers is a great choice if you’re looking for something personal and unique for baby boomers in your life.

You can mix and match many different types of flowers, which can come in very handy if you happen to know that this person has a few varied favorites. By working with your florist you can put together a customized arrangement that will be sure to please any baby boomers you are buying for.

Gift baskets make another excellent choice due to the sheer versatility that they offer you. A person can create literally any sort of combination of gift baskets based on personal taste or other influences. Fruit, candy, cheese, wine, candles and even bath soap all make excellent choices, and are a good way to help baby boomers feel great.

Ordering Flowers for Baby Boomers

You can take advantage of the internet to order flowers. Using your florists’ website you can browse the large inventory until you find the gift that is perfect for you. At that point you proceed to the safe and secure online ordering form to place the order itself. After that stage you arrange for delivery and then lean back, satisfied over having chosen an ideal gift.

Same-day local and domestic delivery guarantees mean you can place an order for someone and have it sent out the very same day. This is good for last-minute shoppers or if you’ve forgotten someone. It can also save you time if you’re very busy, making it a great option for gift-giving.

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