Rose Flowers – The Champion of Plants

Rose flowers are the blossoms of the phpsa091xam.jpgrose bush, which is a flowering shrub. This shrub is amongst the most popular garden plants in the entire world, with countless cultivated variants sporting colors across the spectrum and beyond. Both the regal appearance and heavenly fragrance of rose flowers has led to this popularity. The status of this plant as a champion of nature is not one that will soon fade away.

The interesting thing about rose flowers is that the plants are capable of reaching incredible size and height. It accomplishes this by climbing and creeping up other nearby plants, trees, lattices and even structure walls. It does this with the spiny protrusions sticking out of the stems at all angles. Although these are commonly called thorns, they are technically referred to as “prickles.”

Rose flowers can actually be rather aggressive if not pruned regularly, and can take over a garden if the situation is right. This rarely happens, however, and is very easy to control and prevent. The plant also produces an edible fruit called a rose hip, which is red in color and prized for its high vitamin C content. They are usually made into syrup first, as the hairs surrounding the hips are unpleasant to eat.

Rose Flowers – Cultural Significance

Rose flowers have long been symbols of love, passion and romance. As such, they have been involved in many plays, stories and songs dealing with these subjects. They have long been favored as gifts for a beloved, and this tradition has strengthened over time and is very prominent today. The red rose in particular is used to represent these emotions, and is one of the most important floral products in the world.

Red rose flowers are used on Valentine’s Day, on birthdays, on anniversaries and at weddings. Wherever romantic symbolism is required, you will find them present. Of course, there are many other colors as well, with white roses representing purity and innocence, and being another popular choice. Black roses (technically very dark red) are prized and sought-after by many admirers worldwide.

Rose Flowers in the Garden

Roses grow well in temperate climates, making them widely-included in gardens across North America and Europe. In fact, the national flower of the United States is actually a breed of rose known as the American Beauty. These vibrantly red rose flowers are extremely popular for the romantic uses described above.

Rose flowers are easy to grow with the plant being fairly hardy and resistant to illness and damage. You can plant them and not have to worry about an excessive amount of maintenance, which can be convenient. When planting, it is advised to include them with other plants that offset or compliment their vibrant colors. Mixing a red rose bush with white flowers of another variety works well, for example.

Another thing to consider is fragrance. Rose flowers exude a highly aromatic fragrance highly valued by the perfume industry, and which happens to be one of the chief reasons people like to include this species in their gardens. Because of this powerful fragrance, mixing them with other highly-fragrant species may not be the best idea, lest it become overwhelming or difficult to distinguish.

Rose Flowers in the Home

Roses make excellent decorations around the home when fresh-cut. Consider bouquets for your living room end tables, or perhaps a particularly large centerpiece for the coffee table of mantelpiece. They also do well in the dining room, the bedroom, or anywhere that attractive and pleasantly-smelling blooms are desired.

You may wish to mix colors instead of relying on one solid option, although either choice is perfectly valid. White and red, white and pink, white and yellow and even solid black can work very well depending on your décor. With a little planning, you can come up with arrangements that will be very pleasing to the eye and nose alike, and will impress any guests you are entertaining.

Rose Flowers as Gifts

As mentioned above, rose flowers are perhaps the most popular gift in the world. Nothing says “I love you” quite like a bouquet of fresh red roses. The best place to find them is your local florist. Roses are the most commonly-requested items, so they will always be immediately available. Stop by their shop and browse pre-made arrangements to get a good idea of what you can choose from, or consult with them to discuss your own creative ideas.

You can also enjoy their online ordering process, which allows you to purchase and arrange for delivery of a bouquet of rose flowers without needing to leave your home or office. This can be perfect for people with busy schedules and last-minute shoppers alike, and can actually be a life-saver if you’ve forgotten an anniversary until the last moment.

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