Ethiopia Leading in Flower Exports

Ethiopia: A Brief Historical Analysis

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is a country situated in the “Horn of Africa” that has been landlocked (without access to a coastline) since the independence of its northern neighbor Eritrea in 1993. Aside from Eritrea in the north, Ethiopia is bordered by Sudan to the west, Kenya to the south, Djibouti to the northeast, and Somalia to the east.

Ethiopia is one of the oldest nations in the world and is the second-most populous African country. It has yielded some of the oldest traces of humanity making it important to anthropologists and the study of human evolution. It was one of the founding 51 members of the United Nations and currently holds the headquarters of the African Union.

Chief Exports of Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the original home of the coffee bean and maintains a large coffee growing industry to this day. The growth of coffee is in fact one of the major parts of Ethiopia’s economy and is one of its most valuable resources, contributing to significant economic development.

In addition to coffee, the growth of flowers has become another important industry for Ethiopia, with flower exports generating considerable international trade revenue. Ethiopia offers an ideal growing climate for many species of flowers that are often difficult to grow in more temperate environments, making it a chief supplier for many Western floral retailers.

Ethiopia is rapidly becoming one of Africa’s leading exporters of flowers, with analysts indicating that it may very shortly take first place amongst the other African nations. What this means for the people of Ethiopia is that a stronger economy will help cut back on poverty, starvation and disease; increasing the overall state of life for everyone.

You Can Support Ethiopia by Purchasing Flowers

Flowers are some of the most popular gifts in the world, and many new flower growers are springing up in Ethiopia to take advantage of this. Growth of the industry in Ethiopia is nearly two hundred percent annually, with hundreds of major growers expanding and being introduced. The growing demand for their products is helping to fuel this economic boom.

This increased demand means that more people are buying flowers as gifts for loved ones, meaning that by buying flowers you are directly supporting the economic expansion of Ethiopia. Not only are you acquiring a great gift for your friends and family, but you’re also helping to expand the wealth of a struggling third world nation. Each by itself is a worthy goal, and combined becomes very significant.

Ideas for Floral Gifts

If you are interested in participating in the popular trend of buying flowers as alternatives to other gifts, you can take advantage of the fact that they are a nearly universally-loved item. This means that if you have a person you need to buy for that tends to have everything, or is unusually difficult to buy for, you can use flowers as a successful alternative.

Scientists have proven that the mere presence of a few flowers inside the home or office helps to improve moods while cutting back on stress. When compared to a new tie or a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers has a great number of advantages.

Being healthy, personal and beautiful are all great reasons to buy flowers. Combined with the fact that you’re strengthening the economy of Ethiopia if you buy flowers imported from there, it becomes a significant gift.

Alternative ideas to traditional bouquets include customized gift baskets which allow you to combine flowers from Ethiopia with just about anything else you can think of. Fruit, candy, cheese and even wine can be mixed together to create a nearly perfect gift. Baskets of this variety are especially suitable for holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Ordering Flowers from Ethiopia Online

Your florist’s website allows you to enjoy the full shopping experience from the comfort of your own home. You can browse selections of flowers, often selecting ones specifically imported from Ethiopia (you can ask your florist to learn which ones are from where), and then proceed to a safe and secure online ordering form that allows you to make payments without any security risks.

Same-day local and domestic delivery guarantees mean that your order of flowers can arrive the same day you contact your florist. Local delivery is handled by them whereas domestic delivery (within the country) is handled by a network of associated florists who will take the order, fill it, and then ship it out to the proper address.

Next-day international delivery means that you can place an order for delivery to another country and enjoy the fact that it arrives the very next day. This is accomplished through the same type of network as described above. Either of these methods is a great way to support the growing economy of Ethiopia and makes a great gift in general for any occasion.

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