Seashells Superior for Growing Flowers

Seashells and their Many Uses

Seashells have a long history of being used as decorations by human cultures all around the world. Jewelry, art and even buildings have all been constructed using seashells as a chief ingredient, and this ancient popularity has never come close to fading over the years. Seashells still play an important part in all of the above to this day.

There’s something about the unique beauty of each individual shell that draws us to them. As children many of us combed the beach in search of beautiful seashells to add to collections. This fascination has never left many of us, and we often find new and creative ways to use seashells around the home. Whether in the garden or as a form of art, these little treasures are extremely popular.

Flower Growers Using Seashells

There is more to seashells than meets the eye, and multiple new uses are being devised for their use. One of the newest of these involves using seashells as an alternative to soil and pots for the growing of flower bulbs. Professional flower growers are now making use of them thanks to a wide range of benefits that they offer over more traditional methods.

The method involves thoroughly washing small seashells and then layering them in a square tray as a base for the anchoring of flower bulbs. As an alternative to soil seashells have a number of different benefits. Most importantly is the fact that this prevents bacteria, fungi and worms from attacking the bulbs, resulting in a cleaner and healthier bulb for sale or later growth.

Seashells also make it easier to control the temperature of the bulbs as well as the water level and amount of nutrients used to feed them. By doing so, a flower grower can produce flowers throughout the entire year instead of in the spring time exclusively. The resulting flowers are healthier, have a longer vase life, and are completely free of disease.

How Seashells Benefit Floral Customers

This new use of seashells has benefits for every party involved with the growth, sale and purchase of flowers. By having the ability to grow flowers throughout the year many suppliers have doubled or even tripled their revenue. Florists benefit by having access to continued fresh stock throughout the year without having to search for alternate suppliers.

Customers benefit because they can select from large quantities of fresh and high-quality flowers as often as they need or want to. This makes shopping at your florist for gifts a superior alternative to ordering flowers through direct shippers or mail-order websites, neither of which provides tremendously high quality products.

Studies have indicated that arrangements of fresh flowers remain one of the most popular gifts amongst large portions of the global population, which makes the availability of high-quality floral products a top priority for many businesses. This new use of seashells to grow healthier bulbs means that florists can continue to keep up with growing demand without sacrificing quality.

Flower Gift Ideas

Because of methods involving the use of seashells for the growth of flowers becoming more prominent within the floral industry, it makes flowers an even more suitable gift choice than ever before. Much like the seashells themselves, flowers enjoy a long and traditional history of being used in decorations, art and more.

You can take advantage of this new use for seashells by ordering attractive arrangements of flowers that are suitable for most any occasion. Depending on whether or not you are ordering for a holiday, a birthday, an anniversary or some other event, your florist will be able to put together a custom-designed arrangement that will be perfect for your specific needs.

Consider a bouquet of fresh flowers for someone who is otherwise difficult to shop for. Flowers are universally loved by just about everyone, making them a superior choice over a tie or a pair of socks. Much like seashells, flowers come in all shapes and sizes. This leaves you with near limitless creative potential when organizing the creation of an arrangement.

Ordering Flowers Online

One of the greatest things to happen for the floral industry aside from this new use of seashells was the introduction of the internet. Potential markets expanded greatly as a result, meaning more chances to earn a living for many flower sellers. Your florist’s website is set up to offer the same level of quality in service and products as their brick and mortar store combined with the convenience of using the internet to place an order.

Without having to leave your home you can browse the inventory, make a purchase, and arrange for delivery all in a few minutes. Same-day local delivery guarantees mean that what you order in the morning arrives that very same day, making it a time-effective shopping solution for busy people.

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