Candles Light the Way to Happiness

Candles throughout History

Candles have always held an important role in human society. The ability to seal a flammable wick inside of slow-burning wax gave people a reliable alternative to burning torches as a source of light. Although original candles were very plain compared to modern creations, they were nonetheless highly prized. A candle maker was often a popular and wealthy man.

As technology improved and demand grew amongst wealthy audiences, decorative candles became more commonplace. Many elaborate holders were designed out of bronze, silver and gold and were excellent ways to boast status and rank. In more recent years candles have expanded to include variants of all shapes and colors including ones capable of producing pleasant scents to liven up a room.

Modern Uses for Candles

Candles are no longer relied upon to provide us with light, thanks to electricity. The only exception is during a power outage, when the sudden scramble for a candle produces many stubbed toes and muffled curses. Candles are instead used as decorations, mood-setters and air fresheners, and perform admirably at all three tasks.

The following is a list outlining in greater detail the three primary functions of modern candles:

· Decorations: As decorative objects candles present us with many options. The sheer number of variants in both size and appearance give us a tremendous amount of creative liberty when it comes to choosing appropriate ones for our homes. People usually tend to buy matching sets that are chosen to compliment existing decorations as well as wall, floor and furniture colors.

Holidays present special opportunities for candles, when high-quality decorations are chosen based on themes. Green and red candles are great for Christmas, whereas white or pastel candles are appropriate for Easter. It can often be fun to mix and match different designs and colors to produce admirable arrangements.

· Mood-Setters: One of the simple facts about candles is that they are romantic. Lighting a candle and spending some time in the dim light with your loved one can be a very intimate and enjoyable experience, with candles lending themselves admirably to the atmosphere. Red, purple and black are often very popular choices.

Small, quick-burning varieties are a good choice as a mood setter. You can usually buy a package of them for low prices and scatter several in strategic locations. You may also wish to buy ones that are poured into a glass holder, which is capable of creating a warm and pleasant glow.

· Air Fresheners: Now that it’s an easy process to infuse wax with spices and aromatic chemicals we now have items capable of producing a pleasant fragrance as they burn. The melting of the wax releases the scent and can easily flood a room with pleasing aromas varying from cinnamon to flowers to things like fresh-baked cookies and pie.

As an alternative to spraying choking clouds of chemical freshener all over your home, considering a few aromatic candles as an alternative can accomplish the same goal while also contributing to a pleasant ambiance you entire family can relax in and enjoy.

Creative Ideas Using Candles

Candles come in a wide assortment of varieties for you to choose from, depending on your personal tastes and requirements. Long varieties can liven up a dining room when place in an elaborate candelabra, and shorter, fatter varieties are good for living room end tables and mantelpieces. Be sure to match up colors with the rest of your room to avoid unsightly clashes.

Candles also make great gifts for your friends and loved ones. Whether by itself or mixed together in a gift basket with chocolates, flowers and other attractive options, a candle is usually well-received by everyone – even men! One of the best places to find such arrangements is at your local florist’s shop, where you can browse amongst many available items or create your own.

Gift baskets are a great way to take advantage of the candle, and you can quite literally come up with any combination you desire. Discuss your plans with the florist and they can provide excellent suggestions to round out the entire package. The florist will then head out and buy each individual ingredient for inclusion in the basket, making sure that every item is of only the highest quality.

Ordering Candles, Flowers and Other Gifts

You can order all of these great gifts by visiting the florist directly and discussing your creative ideas. Alternately you can use the online site to browse inventory and place orders. Same-day local and domestic delivery guarantees and next-day international guarantees mean that you can place an order and have it shipped to someone in next to no time at all.

This is highly convenient and great for people who are busy or pressed for time. You can enjoy all the benefits of your local florist’s shop coupled with the convenience of the internet from the comfort of your own home or office.

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