House Plants Bring Your Home to Life

House Plants an Important Part of Any Good Home

House plants are one of the most popular and effective ways to beautify and enhance the spirit and appearance of your home. They have some incredible advantages that make them difficult and unwise to overlook when outfitting your interior. The ability to clean your air, delight your senses and kill your stress makes house plants invaluable tools.

Many families choose to have a few house plants around, and quite a few people construct elaborate indoor gardens to remind them of the outdoors at night and during poor weather. Growing plants and flowers can be fun and rewarding and is a good experience to share with the entire family. It’s also a good way to keep your thumb green during the winter when the ground is dead and frozen.

Guidelines for Growing House plants

When growing house plants at home there are a number of important things to take into consideration to make sure that the entire process proceeds smoothly. Whether you are bringing the plants home from the florist or a garden center or if you’re growing them by seed these rules apply and can mean the difference between tiny, sickly plants and ones of great size with many beautiful flowers.

The first step involves the soil you use for planting and growing. You can almost always find bags of potting soil at a garden center that will allow for optimal growth. It’s a good idea to plant seeds directly into this mixture or to transfer whole house plants into new pots with the soil you’ve bought. Fertilizer can be added, although it’s important to follow the directions on the containers for best results.

The next important rule is to determine the sunlight requirements of the house plants you are intending to care for. Most flowering house plants demand a high level of sun, whereas alternatives like ferns and many tropical rainforest varieties are quite comfortable with shade, often preferring it. You can usually determine the requirements by checking any tags that come stuck in the soil when you buy the plant.

If you discover that your house plants require a great deal of sun, it’s best to put them somewhere that is generally well-lit. A bay window in the living room is usually a good choice, especially because it often offers a lot of room for small gardens of house plants to be arranged. Determine which side of your house gets the most sun and focus your light-demanding house plants in those areas.

Shadier house plants can go by any window regardless of a lack of general sunlight. So long as some light gets through (and not too much in the case of ferns and other pro-shade house plants) your plantings will thrive.

Learn the watering requirements for each of your plants. It’s generally advisable to water once or twice a week, although specific species may have differing requirements. It’s often a good idea to mix liquid fertilizer into your water to help struggling house plants develop. A more natural alternative that works well is giving your house plants a bit of left over tea (make sure it has cooled off).

Propagating House Plants

Once you have a thriving community of plants in your home you may wish to start dividing them to make more for other rooms or to give to friends. The most common way to do this is through cuttings, which are most effective for vine-like species (ivies, philodendrons, spider plants and so on).

To ensure a successful cutting use a sharp knife or a pair of bypass-style pruning shears to cut off a segment of the vine or stem that contains at the very least four to six leaf “nodes” (where the leaves are attached). Next, strip the leaves away from the bottom one or two nodes. This is where the new roots will sprout, and is the end that should be placed in water (or sterilizing potting medium, if you have it).

Buying House Plants

Whether for your own enjoyment or as gifts to friends and family, house plants are a great way to add color and life to your home. Aside from the garden center, one of the best places to buy house plants is at your local florist’s shop. They should carry a considerable variety, allowing you to search for the perfect match with existing house plants and your interior décor.

You can use the website to place orders online, taking advantage of safe and secure ordering forms and delivery. Same-day local delivery guarantees mean that you can order plants in the morning and be placing them in a window later on that very same day. This is a great way to enjoy the benefits of interior gardening without having to compromise your free time and resources.

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