Mail Order Flowers a Growing Trend

Mail order flowers are those that you have delivered to you from direct shippers. The supposed benefits of using mail order flowers are that the cost is generally lower than that of a traditional florist’s shop while providing the same quality of products. The fact is, however, that the lower prices almost always result in far inferior finished products arriving at your door.

Mail order flowers come from direct shippers whose entire purpose is to mass-ship as many flowers as possible. This means that numerous orders will be crammed into a truck and sent off without much regard to their safety. Received mail order flowers are often bruised, damaged or of completely inferior quality when compared to the original product you had intended to order.

Why Real Florists Beat Mail Order Flowers Every Time

To many people a reduced cost is all they need to hear before making a selection. In many cases, reduced costs are very helpful. The sad reality of lower prices, however, is that the quality of what you’re getting very usually mirrors the price tag. “You get what you pay for” is an extremely accurate saying, and one that applies to mail order flowers.

Mail order flowers come from the direct shippers who will send flowers from their fields to your door in arrangements. This is supposed to cut out the florist as a middle-man, thus saving you time and money. In reality, any money saved is countered by the inferior mail order flowers you’ll end up getting. In addition, the claims about saving time are often not true at all.

A real florist has only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients available in their shop. Everything is stored in such a manner so as to preserve a fresh look that every arrangement deserves. When you place your order with the florist, they will customize it to your exact specifications. What you order is what you get, unlike with mail order flowers.

Any extra costs you might pay go directly into ensuring this high quality. Any extra investment beyond the costs of mail order flowers is well worth it when your friends or family members receive beautiful and elaborate floral displays. A squashed or broken arrangement of mail order flowers likely won’t have the same effect.

In addition to this is the fact that the real florist offers same-day local and domestic delivery, guaranteed. This means you can place an order in the morning and have it arrive in the afternoon. Mail order flowers are not usually quite so speedy, despite assurances from the direct shipping companies.

The same-day domestic delivery is accomplished through a network of associated florists. Your florist themselves will wire your specific order to a trusted associate in the destination city. This location will then fulfill the order and arrange for physical delivery. This entire process is part of the price you’ll be paying, making it well worth the investment.

Next-day international delivery is another guarantee that mail order flowers are not associated with. The same network of flowers expands internationally and allows an order to be wired to a far-away city and then fulfilled. This is great for sending gifts to relatives or friends who live elsewhere in the world, and makes a superior choice over mail order flowers.

Floral Arrangement Ideas

There are a number of additional benefits to choosing a real florist over mail order flowers. For example, you can customize gift baskets for special occasions. Literally anything you can think of can go inside a gift basket, allowing you to use your creativity to cater to hobbies, special interests or any other thing that will make your gift loved.

Mail order flowers can’t compare to the versatility of gift baskets. They also lack the quality, thanks to a policy that florists have. To design your gift basket they will physically visit local markets and stores to buy the items you wish to have included. While doing so, they’ll be keeping their eyes open for only the highest quality items. This allows them to make a great gift without any flaws.

If the shippers offering mail order flowers even offer baskets at all, you can be sure that they won’t adopt the same quality policies. Their number one concern is shipping flowers and earning money. Quality and customer service are distant seconds when compared to their primary agenda.

The next time you are considering a floral gift for someone, keep in mind the benefits of choosing a real florist over buying mail order flowers. Whether you’re buying a bouquet of roses or potted house plants, a real florist ensure only the best quality every time, free of hidden agendas and cost-cutting tactics. Remember, mail order flowers might be cheap, but you get exactly what you pay for.

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