Stages of Love Worth Studying

Love is an interesting thing. People have gone to incredible lengths to achieve impossible tasks in the name of love. People have killed and been killed as if on a whim because of passion and romance. Wars have been launched and entire nations born and destroyed because of this powerful human emotion. Learning to understand it can help you to better understand humanity.

When analyzing this romantic emotion one can claim there are fully six stages of love itself. Each one corresponds to a different time in our lives when differing emotions, memories and experiences begin to shape our reality and how we perceive it. Many people dedicate their entire lives to pursuing a relationship, and understanding why can be well worth your while.

Defining the Six Stages of Love

There are six primary “stages of love” that we all go through in our lives. These begin early, often very early for some of us, and undergo a series of significant changes over the years. From the start of our adolescence to the very final days of our lives, romantic love defines who we are on many fundamental levels. The following are the six stages of love in detail:

· Puppy Love – This is the very first of the six stages of love. It can begin as early as elementary school for some people, and is usually an interesting time for young people. Puppy love is not really true love, and is definitely not serious. It’s more of a discovery of emotions and feelings that comes along with the beginning of puberty.

Good gifts for someone experiencing the first of the stages of love are simple, unelaborated varieties. It isn’t appropriate for a ten year-old to give jewelry or other expensive items for their crush. A single beautiful flower in a vase or a cute teddy bear makes excellent choices at this point.

· Young Love – This is the high school period when, for many people, romance becomes more significant. For many this is the time when they first gain sexual experiences, and in many cases life-long lasting relationships can be forged from this, the second of the stages of love.

Outward displays of affection that are both attractive and fun are most appropriate for the earlier stages of love. Teddy bears, chocolates, balloons and flowers (or combinations of all four) make great choices.

· True Love – This is a genuine developing love that requires romance all year long to keep it going. The third of the stages of love is the one most sought-after by many people, and the one least often acquired. True love is the perfect situation where you would give the world for your lover or do anything to keep them by your side.

Appropriate gifts for the third of the stages of love should demonstrate the passion you feel for this person. Bouquets of flowers, chocolates, gift baskets or even a vase of roses with a strategically placed engagement ring can be perfect choices.

· Newlywed Love – The stage after you’ve just become married is bliss for most people, and is a good example of achieving one of life’s greatest goals – the creation of a family. For many, this is the best of the stages of love: devoid of problems, filled with joy and romance, nothing could be better.

Appropriate newlywed gifts include things like a spa basket and trip to a masseuse, a picture of the two of you in an elaborate frame, a bouquet of their favorite flowers or perhaps a single long-stemmed rose with a necklace or bracelet wrapped around it.

· Marriage – The most complex of the stages of love, and often the most rewarding. This is where you can no longer picture your life without your partner. A marriage can become a difficult thing to maintain, however, and can always benefit from creative ideas.

Traditional gifts for the fifth of the stages of love include a dozen red roses, a spa package, a personalized gift basket or a bottle of wine with flowers. All of these can be combined into an excellent gift package depending in the importance of the occasion.

· Sweetest Love – The sixth of the stages of love is one of the rarest, and only few will ever know what it means. It spans years of sorrow, laughter and joy and is the most familiar with what romance means. The final of the stages of love is one that is only enjoyed by people who have been together for a very long time.

A single rose is the most fundamental gift, and appropriate for this stage. Unique flower arrangements or some other sentimental gesture will also work. By the final stages of love, you generally know what is best.

Celebrating the Stages of Love

Fortunately, your local florist is equipped to handle all six stages of love with appropriate gifts, making your search a swift and easy one. You can visit their shop or enjoy the time-saving benefits of ordering from their website. In the end, you’ll find that properly celebrating these stages of love will lead to a long and happy life.

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