Hair Flowers – Suggesting New Fashions

Hair Flowers – Tradition

Hair flowers have been a traditional part of women’s fashion for thousands of years. They are perhaps the earliest form of cosmetics, and one of the most popular means of improving one’s appearance. The act of tucking a flower or two into your hair can be used to enhance your natural beauty while at the same time sending across a message of elegance, grace and femininity.

Early weddings were common events at which hair flowers would be worn. The bouquet and corsage would compliment a garland or wreath of flowers to wear upon the head, creating a complete look that has been traditionally associated with beauty.

Spring festivals were other examples of when women would wear hair flowers. The appearance of new blooms often heralded the end of winter and the beginning of spring, with the return to life that comes along with it. To celebrate this, these new flowers would be worn in the hair of young women. This often played an important role in courtship, as a flower in the hair easily caught the eye of most men.

Hair Flowers – Modern Weddings

Hair flowers remain a prominent component of wedding fashion to this day. Although the bouquet and corsage are often considered most important, the utility of hair flowers should not be overlooked. Consider the natural appeal of wearing an old-fashioned garland in your hair. By matching the colors and species to those of the other arrangements, you generate that same completeness that was treasured in years long passed.

Consider also the effect that hair flowers will have on the groom and wedding guests. Combined with a veil, or hidden underneath one, your beauty will be enhanced to the point of making you spellbinding, which can create wedding memories that will be treasured for years to follow. The bride, after all, is the centerpiece of any wedding. By making her as beautiful as possible, you ensure a successful ceremony. Hair flowers can be pivotal in making this so.

Hair Flowers – Modern Trends

This time-honored tradition is slowly becoming more popular amongst young women throughout North America and Europe. Although it does not yet maintain the popularity that it once did, wearing hair flowers is becoming an accepted fashion trend once more.

With the shoulder pads and manly suits of the 80s and 90s far behind us, the return to feminine grace has been enjoying an astounding rebirth. Hair flowers can play a prominent role in this by reminding those who view them of simpler, more pleasant times, and by enhancing your natural beauty. Wearing hair flowers can make you appear carefree and flamboyant, which is often attractive to many men.

Hair flowers were especially popular in the 60s during hippy movements, with “flower children” using it as one of their trademarks of peace. You can support peace today by renewing this old custom. Consider arranging daisies and other bright meadow flowers in your hair, or perhaps tucking a single delicate blossom atop your ear.

You can also opt to create a natural tiara or garland of hair flowers, much like those worn in the Roman times and middle ages. If attracting a man is high on your list of priorities, you cannot go wrong with either. Combining the colors of the flowers themselves with those of your clothes can create a harmony that will give you an unmistakable glow.

Hair Flowers – Additional Suggestions

For additional ideas and inspiration, you may wish to consult with your local florist. They are highly experienced when it comes to using flowers as decorations, with bouquets and other floral arrangements being some of their most popular items. They can apply this same expertise to your own fashion, by recommending the current “in” flowers or making recommendations by species and color.

You can also find some ideas online, especially if you’re looking to recreate a traditional design. Search through the florist’s online shop, or scour other databases for inspirational ideas, and you’ll be sure to create something that will boast a delivery of grace and elegance unrivaled by anything you’ve ever worn before.

You may also wish to look through your garden for a specific species, or for that perfect blossom. Even the addition of a single flower to your hair can make a huge difference, and grant you a regal and majestic look that you will be sure to love.

Consider these ideas for an upcoming dance or prom or for a public function where you’ll be outdoors. If you’re looking to attract a man, the unique quality you’ll be exuding with the presence of flowers in your hair will certainly catch many eyes. Don’t hesitate to join in with this fun and popular trend, because as history has shown us time and time again, fashions like this will be around forever.

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