Easter Flowers – Exploring the Tradition

Easter Flowers – Historical Background

Easter flowers have long been an important traditional component of the holiday. The combination of their natural beauty, pleasing fragrances, and symbolic representation of life makes Easter flowers a tradition that will remain with us for many years to come. This essay will delve into the history of the holiday and will link Easter flowers to it. We’ll also offer you some suggestions about various popular arrangements suitable for the occasion.

Easter, also known as the Sunday of Resurrection, is the most important religious festival on the Christian calendar. Following the cycle of the moon, it always occurs between late March and late April. The holiday celebrates the resurrection of Christ, which Christians believe occurred on the third day of his death by crucifixion at some point in the between 27 and 33 CE.

Because the holiday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, Easter flowers are an extremely appropriate and great way to celebrate. Flowers are widely held as a symbol of life and positive energy, which means that they go hand in hand with the concept of Christ’s re-birth. Using fresh Easter flowers as lively decorations and gifts is a tradition that has existed for hundreds of years.

Although the modern day version of the holiday has become less religiously-inclined and more commercialized over the recent years, Easter flowers play a bigger role than ever. It’s commonplace for friends and families to exchange them over the long weekend, and tends to be one of the busiest times of year for florists and garden centers for purchase and delivery orders.

Easter Flowers – Creative Ideas

Whether you’re organizing a decorative bouquet or table centerpiece, or just looking for a gift for a friend, Easter flowers will succeed in meeting your holiday needs. Combining flowers with the traditional painted eggs and candy is a perfect way to make the holiday as enjoyable as possible for your children and family.

Having a creative and unique arrangement of Easter flowers in your home will be sure to impress dinner guests, and will leave them with fond memories of the evening. Not only is this a great way to earn their respect, it’s also a great way to pay respects to Jesus on the anniversary of his resurrection.

We’ve put together a few helpful ideas to facilitate your creation process. Easter flowers are excellent tools and are easy to work with. You may wish to include one or all of these ideas in your home:

· Table Centerpiece – The table centerpiece is an integral part of the dining experience. It highlights the delicious food displayed on the table and compliments existing decorations in the room. As such, it is a good idea to consider investing in one for the holidays.

The best centerpieces will combine Easter flowers with candles and sculptures to create a unique and enjoyable work of art. We recommend a sculpture or statue of Christ surrounded by pastel candles and attractive cool-colored blossoms. You are encouraged to come up with your own combinations, and you can always enlist the aid of your florist in creating something truly special.

· Bouquets – Stuffing a decorative vase with a beautiful bouquet of spring’s bounty is a surefire tactic when it comes to decorating your home. A masterfully-designed bouquet will compliment a table centerpiece or other decorations, and improve the overall appearance of your home. Good locations for a bouquet include the living room coffee table or end tables, a mantelpiece or the top of an entertainment unit or bookshelf.

· Children’s Baskets – While preparing the candy baskets for your children, why not consider adding in a few Easter flowers to liven up the ensemble? Once the candy is removed or eaten, the flowers can be removed and placed in a vase as part of a bouquet, thus serving multiple purposes.

· Yard Decorations – If you plan to host an egg hunt, decorating your yard with Easter flowers is a wonderful idea. This is especially enjoyable if your garden is already in full bloom, as the combination of colors and fragrances will be pleasing to everyone present and involved. There are many possible combinations for your yard, and a great resource for ideas would be your local florist.

Easter Flowers – Conclusion

As you can see, the tradition of Easter flowers is a long and healthy one that has been with us for centuries. They are an attractive and healthy way to celebrate the anniversary of Christ’s resurrection, and are extremely fun to organize and put together.

By decorating your house with a bouquet or centerpiece, or any combination of other arrangements, you will ensure that any guests you have over will enjoy themselves to their fullest. You’ll also gain respect in their eyes as a party host, which is always a good thing.

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