Florist’s Flowers – A Guide to Where Florists Get their Stock

Florist’s Flowers – Prime Growing Locations

If you are a frequent purchaser of floral arrangements, you might find yourself wondering just where, exactly, your florist’s flowers come from. This is a good question, since it might seem impossible for them to grow so many plants in a back room or at local greenhouses. This tends to be the case, and many flowers are imported from other countries – especially those that grow only in tropical environments.

Flower growing is a profitable industry in South America, which tends to be the most frequent source of florist’s flowers. There, vast greenhouses and plantations are created and manned so that large quantities of different species can be grown and shipped off to their respective buyers.

This foreign growing is crucial for a large range of exotic species that are unable to grow or thrive in more temperate northern climates. By having their florist’s flowers shipped from their greenhouse or plantation to the florist themselves, these operations allow a wide range of species to be sold to customers such as yourself.

Florist’s Flowers – What They Tend to Look For

Florist’s flowers are often grown for a special unique appeal that sets them apart from more common domestic varieties. The single-most important factor is color. Many colors are difficult to produce in captivity unless the conditions are right and the botanists doing the growing have the right experience. Proper breeding and cultivation can lead to rare colors like black (actually not truly black, but rather a high concentration of a dark pigment such as red or purple).

It is also possible that the florist’s flowers can be grown to meet certain size requirements based on how they are treated and handled at the source. This helps to meet orders for over or undersized plants, which do come in from time to time.

As well as color, many varieties of rare and tropical plants from the southern hemisphere have unusual and highly distinctive appearances that make them extremely popular for decorating and design. A bouquet of rare tropical flowers can fetch the florist a very fair price. The fact that such displays are always in high demand makes tropical varieties some of the most important of all the florist’s flowers.

It is uniqueness that is profitable and desirable, and so uniqueness is what is striven for by the growers and the florists themselves. The rarer or more unusual the florist’s flowers are, the higher the value generally tends to be.

Interesting Facts about Florist’s Flowers

You may be interested to know that many a florist shop has a next-day international delivery guarantee. You might wonder how this is possible given the immense time and resource costs involved with international shipping. The answer is that there is no shipping involved at all!

A florist will receive an international order and then wire it to an associate store in the destination. This means that the florist’s flowers chosen for this will be taken from local inventory to ensure a fresh and on-time delivery, every time.

Same-day domestic guarantees use an identical procedure for deliveries around the nation. This can be a real time-saver around holidays or when you’re pressed due to work or family matters. You can head online to browse florist’s flowers, place orders, and arrange for delivery. You can do all of this from the comfort of your own home or office, which can save a great deal of time indeed.

More Information about Florist’s Flowers

There are many benefits to using florist’s flowers as a gift or decoration item. When it comes to gifts, a bouquet or floral arrangement has a universal and traditional appeal making it perfect and appropriate for nearly every situation. It is hard not to love flowers, so they tend to make a great choice for someone who is difficult to shop for.

For home decoration, a bouquet of florist’s flowers or a live flowering plant can spice up the décor of any room in your home. Consider a centerpiece for the living room or dining room table, with matching bouquets for a mantelpiece or end tables. Arrangements for the bedroom are also a great choice, as it allows you to wake up and immediately enjoy the sights and smells of nature.

Another suitable location for using florist’s flowers as decorations is the office. A beautiful bouquet or arrangement can improve the atmosphere, clean stuffy air, and improve moods across the board (and thus productivity). Artificial floral displays are popular choices for offices because of the lack of maintenance required to keep them, the fact that they never die, and the fact that such detail is put into artificial displays that it is often impossible to tell them apart from the real thing.

For more information, the best people to contact are your florist themselves. They’ll be well-equipped and eager to assist you and answer any questions you might have.

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