Christmas Flowers – Looking at the Tradition

Christmas Flowers – Introducing the Tradition

Christmas is a winter festival that celebrates the birth of Christ. Although

it takes place in the middle of a cold and barren season, much life and love is associated with the holiday. Christmas flowers, in particular, play an important role in symbolizing this life, which could be said to represent the life of Christ himself.

It has been a common tradition for centuries to use Christmas flowers and plants as lively decorations that effectively celebrate Christ’s birth. They also act to help people forget that the world is technically dead for several months as ice, snow and frost dominate. Most Christmas flowers consist of hardy winter-growing varieties, and it is this fact that allows people to label them with associations of representing life.
Anything capable of surviving the winter is often seen as an inspiration, and these Christmas flowers and plants have enjoyed long popularity for just this reason.

Christmas Flowers – Decorating Traditions

There are a number of different decoration traditions that utilize Christmas flowers and plants. Perhaps the most common and obvious is the great Christmas tree, which is the centerpiece of many homes over the holidays. Traditional trees were decorated with flower blossoms, garlands and wreaths of plants, and other natural items. After all, lights and plastic ornaments did not exist at the time.

There are a number of other popular Christmas flowers and plants, which we’ve outlined here with descriptions.

· Holly. Holly is one of the important traditional Christmas flowers. This flower is associated not only with Christianity but with Romans and Islam. It is regarded as a symbol of good luck in all of these cultural traditions. For centuries, holly has been the subject of myths, legends, and customary observances, which tie it into the holiday with great strength.

These Christmas flowers are usually associated with masculinity and used as a good luck charm. They are used as decorations for the home during Christmas, and are regarded as a symbol of delight and enjoyment that helps to enhance feelings of cheer and happiness.

People would often settle disputes under a holly tree. These Christmas flowers are believed to frighten off witches and evil spirits and protect the home from thunder and lightning. In Western England it is believed that twigs of holly placed around a young girl’s bed on Christmas Eve would keep away goblins and other fell intruders.

· Ivy – These are important Christmas flowers. They are symbolic in many ways, representing three major facts: it clings, it thrives in the shade, and it is evergreen. Its clinging has made the ivy a traditional symbol of the helpless female clinging to her man for protection. It also signifies true love, faithfulness, and undying affection – both in marriage and in friendship.

Christian symbolists consider the ivy’s need to cling to a support emblematic of frail humanity’s need for divine support. Like most of the other Christmas flowers, the ivy symbolizes eternity and resurrection.

· Mistletoe – The origin of this plant as a celebratory one dates back to early pagan origins. Druid priests used this Christmas flower two hundred years before the birth of Christ in their winter celebrations. They revered the flower since it had no roots yet remained green during the cold months of winter. The ancient Celtics believed mistletoe to have magical healing powers and used it as an antidote for poison, infertility, and to ward of evil spirits.

Nowadays, the most common use for mistletoe is to string it up above a doorway or on the ceiling. Any two people of opposite genders caught underneath it will traditionally kiss for good luck and cheer.

Christmas Flowers – More Information

All of these traditions involving Christmas flowers are sound and enjoyable, and participated in by many families around the world. By mixing and matching the above and combining them with your own unique and special tree, you can successfully decorate your house in a fitting manner for a holiday of this prominence.

It can be interesting to keep in mind the ancient traditions when decorating, so using these popular Christmas flowers in your home can be a great idea. One of the best locations to find them is your local florist, who is well-equipped to come up with unique and attractive floral displays suitable for the day.

Bouquets of Christmas-colored flowers are popular, with red and white being the two chief varieties. Wreaths and garlands are also easy to make and fun to decorate the home with. Whatever your need, their shop will usually be stocked with an inventory suited to it.

You can use their online site to pick out traditional decorations, and arrange for delivery to a Christmas party or to your own home to lift the burden of shopping that many of us endure at this time of year. Whatever your choice, these traditions will be sure to live on for many years to come.

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