Drawings of Flowers – A Guide for the Curious

Drawings of Flowers – Floral Art-forms Introduced

Drawings of flowers are some of the most fun and enjoyable forms of art that can be easily produced. All you require is a pencil and pad of paper, and something to inspire your creation. There are infinite combinations of flowering plants in the wild and thus infinite combinations for you to sketch and draw. As a result, it is difficult to get bored creating drawings of flowers.

The purpose of creating drawings of flowers is twofold. The first is merely to create a sketch and then call it a finished work. The other is to add life and depth to your creation using paint or other mediums. Either can produce some breathtakingly beautiful finished products that will undoubtedly impress friends and relatives alike.

Whether you wish to sell your drawings of flowers or place the on display about your home, the process is a rewarding and inspiring one that can help to reduce stress, improve memory and concentration, and most importantly help you have a good time.

How to make your own drawings of flowers

There are a series of general steps involved with successfully making drawings of flowers. At first the prospect may seem complex or daunting, but even the most unusual and complex flowers can be broken down in to simply geometric shapes that aid in the drawing process.

Making drawings of flowers – First step

The first step is to consider the flower that you wish to draw. Are you able to recognize any basic shapes? The center of a flower usually resembles a circle and the petals often resemble triangular shapes, ovals or other circles. A rough sketch with these guide shapes can give you a good sense of where and what to concentrate on.

Making drawings of flowers – Second step

Once you are finished with the basic shapes, you’ll likely see that you have the beginnings of a flower shape already, and that they looks more or less similar to the bloom you intend to draw. At this point you’ll want to start filling in the more realistic shapes of the flowers, such as the petals and leaves or the stamen(s) in the middle. Always use a pencil to do this in case of error. Concentrate on lighter lines on the petals to create a delicate look.

When making drawings of flowers or of any objects in general, a pencil is always your best tool. It’s easier to correct mistakes that way, especially with a good eraser. The best types of erasers are the solid white office variety, which usually have a rough blue tip designed for certain types of ink.

Making drawings of flowers – Third step

The third step involved in making drawings of flowers is to ink in the outline of your shapes. Using a special inking pen is perfect for this, and you can usually find those at an art supply shop in the same location as various types of pencils. When inking, trace along the outside lines overtop of your pencil.

Making drawings of flowers – Final step

The final step when making drawing of flowers is to complete details like shadows and veins. This can require some trial and error, but once you get better you may find it the most enjoyable part of the entire process. For shadows, keep in mind where the sun is, and pencil/ink them in accordingly. Don’t overdue the shadows, as you run the risk of lowering the realism of the finished product.

When drawing veins and other details, the best plan is to just try to recreate what you see as best as you can. Don’t improvise excessively, and try to stay as close to the original flower as possible.

More Information about Drawings of Flowers

If you are interested in mastering this art and would like to find additional resources, the internet is a good place to look. There are many online directories of finished artwork as well as a considerable number of websites that offer tutorials on drawing.

If you are looking for inspirational materials for your drawings of flowers, consider visiting your local florist’s shop to browse their inventory. You can find some truly unique blossoms to draw, which can come in handy if you are running out of things at home to feature on paper. There’s also the benefit that bringing home a bouquet of fresh flowers or a live flowering plant can help to enhance the room they are placed within.

By following the steps we’ve outlined above, and by continually seeking new and unique inspirations for your work, you will be able to produce drawings of flowers that you will love and be proud to call your own. By adorning your home with your own creations, you lend it a special enviable beauty and elegance that can be hard to come by.

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