Broken Flowers – The Role Flowers Play in our Lives

Broken Flowers – Introduction

Broken Flowers is a recent film starring popular actor Bill Murray. The film focuses around his character, Don Johnston, and his quest to find the mother of an unknown 19 year-old son. This article may be considered to contain spoilers, but we will do our best to leave much of the mystery to your own discovery. If you wish to be completely surprised, we recommend viewing the movie and then coming back to this article in order to better recognize the points we raise.

The story in Broken Flowers begins as Don receives an anonymous letter from a past lover, claiming that he has a 19-year old son who has left in search of his father. Don, interestingly and appropriately-named due to his past as a stereotypical womanizing “Don Juan,” realizes that this could be any number of women from his history, and is at a loss to determine who might have sent the letter.

At this time, his live-in girlfriend Sherry decides that she has had enough with Don’s actions and apparently lack of attention, and packs up. Her departure leaves Don alone with his own thoughts to consider his life and the fact that he now has a son he never knew about.

Broken Flowers – The Story

As Broken Flowers progresses, Don’s friend and neighbor Winston, a cheerful and energetic mystery buff, decides to help him track down the author of the anonymous letter. Although not initially interested, Don rather helplessly agrees to go off on a journey across the country to track down and confront the most likely candidates.

Broken Flowers makes use of a bouquet of flowers as a gift to each woman, which is a tradition and symbolism very common in real life. Each encounter with a past fling ends with different amusing and often unfortunate results, and leads Don no closer to realizing who his son might be. A trip to the florist to acquire a bouquet begins each leg of the journey, and also plays a role near the end when he visits the grave of an old lover.

Broken Flowers – Review

Broken Flowers is an insightful and highly enjoyable film, and one that fans of Bill Murray’s other works will be sure to enjoy. If you enjoyed Lost in Translation, you’ll more than likely find equal enjoyment in Broken Flowers. Each scene seems expertly planned and shot to maximize the emotional connection the viewer has with Bill Murray’s character, and is a credit to producers Jon Kilik and Stacey Smith.

The story itself is one that lends itself to introspection, and that combines serious moments with light comedy in a style very well suited to Mr. Murray. Writer Jim Jarmusch has done an excellent job coming up with this story.

One word of caution is that the film may not be suitable for young audiences, so use discretion when deciding whether to watch this with your family. Overall, there are no shockingly mature or violent moments, and so there shouldn’t be much to worry about when watching Broken Flowers with the kids.

Broken Flowers – Correlations to Reality

The role that the bouquet plays in Broken Flowers is a symbolic one tied to real-life traditions. It is appropriate and common to present an old friend or lover with a floral arrangement if calling upon them. It is also a popular choice for renewing any romantic feelings that may have existed. Whether or not this succeeds for Don in Broken Flowers is based largely upon his own personality, meaning that flowers are not a standalone skeleton key for relationships, but rather a useful tool to compliment other actions.

In some ways, the gesture seems futile throughout Broken Flowers. This is largely due to Don’s advancing age and the number of years between his current life and past relationships. Most of his interests have lived their own lives and all but forgotten him over the decades.

A gift of flowers remains a potent tool, however, and is one worth considering for many social and romantic situations.

Broken Flowers – Conclusion

As seen in Broken Flowers, a floral gift has a strong and proud tradition as a relationship builder and strengthener. Whether you wish to rekindle old love or start it new, a floral gift can be just the ticket you’re looking for.

Fresh and beautiful bouquets of roses are a common choice, and one you can’t go wrong with. You may wish to pay your florist’s shop a visit or head online to their website for more information and to arrange for order and delivery. A large variety of flower and plant species are available to choose from, and one of them is sure to meet your needs – whether you might be a Don Juan or just an ordinary guy.

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