April Showers Bring May Flowers – Discussing the Rhyme

April Showers Bring May Flowers – Origins of the Rhyme

“April showers bring May flowers.” We’ve all heard this rhyme at some point, usually having been taught it at an early age by our parents or teachers. It’s a popular thing to say and hear around the springtime, but one thing you might not know is where the rhyme originated from. It can be traced back to the mid 1500s, although earlier use of “April showers bring May flowers” may have existed.

In 1557 a gentleman by the name of Thomas Tusser compiled a collection of writings he called A Hundred Good Points of Husbandry. In the April Husbandry section he wrote:

Sweet April showers
Do spring May flowers

As you can see, the rhyme was originally a short poem. There is meaning behind the words, as well. “April showers bring May flowers” is a reminder that even the most unpleasant of things, in this case the heavy rains of April, can bring about very enjoyable things indeed – in this case, an abundance of flowers in May. “April showers bring May flowers” is a lesson in patience, and one that remains valid to this day.

Many of life’s greatest things come only to those who wait, and by patiently and happily enduring the clouds and damp of April you can find yourself more easily able to take in the sights and smells of May. After all, it’s easier to love something if you begin with an optimistic outlook! Here’s some more in-depth information about the meaning of “April showers bring May flowers.”

April Showers Bring May Flowers – The Science Behind the Rhyme

“April showers bring May flowers” isn’t just a rhyme. It’s an example of the spring cycle of renewal that many parts of the Earth go through, and can be scientifically analyzed. There are actually several contributing factors to the appearance of flowers in May:

· Rain – The trademark of April showers bring May flowers, the rain is definitely at the forefront of positive stimuli bringing about floral displays in May. Increased levels of moisture in the soil help plants to grow faster and healthier. The water can also help nutrients reach the roots faster as well, which is another side of the coin as far as rain is concerned.

· Temperature – Another contributing factor to making “April showers bring May flowers” reality is the temperature. As the days grow warmer, plants find it easier to grow. They are genetically hard-wired to begin growth as the soil thaws and the frost becomes more distant. This combined with the rain is a perfect signal to the plant that it’s time to return to life (or begin life in the case of a seed or bulb).

· Wildlife – The springtime sees the return of many animals, birds and insects. The renewed ecosystem involving things eating and being eaten provides nourishment for new plants in the form of fecal matter and decaying organic compounds. The presence of insects also helps to pollinate the plants, which in turn allows them to reproduce. This combines well with the April showers to Bring may flowers we can all enjoy.

April Showers Bring May Flowers – Things to Help Pass the Time

If you’re having a hard time enduring April showers, bring May flowers into your home early by purchasing bouquets and arrangements from your florist. If you’re finding it difficult to wait for the growing season, this is a good way to secure a sneak peek of things to come. You can use the florist’s online shop to browse various pre-made arrangements or to get ideas for customized ones.

You can also make purchases and arrange for delivery this way, saving you from having to go out in the middle of a storm. It works well with gifts, as well, since you can send a taste of spring to friends and family without needing to leave your home (perfect if they need a reminder about how April showers bring May flowers as well).

You may wish to use this time to plan your garden for later months, or to do some basic maintenance on the nicer days. It’s good to get ahead of schedule, because then it lets you do some experimenting.

April Showers Bring May Flowers – Sources of Information

If you’re bummed out and waiting for the April showers to bring May flowers, why not spend some time researching various species of plant, landscaping techniques and general gardening advice? There are plenty of resources at your disposal, including your florist, the internet, and books at the local library. By studying this material you can come up with great ideas to work with after the April showers bring May flowers.

April Showers Bring May Flowers – Conclusion

As you can see, the benefits of waiting for the April showers to bring May flowers are great. May heralds the beginning of the warmer months and leads into summer, when the highest concentrations of plants can be found blooming about the world.

So next time you’re gloomy about the weather, keep in mind the classic rhyme, April showers bring May flowers.

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One Response to April Showers Bring May Flowers – Discussing the Rhyme

  • Bryan Kriel says:

    I am no expert, however I feel the origin can me traced to the prologue of the Canterbury Tales, the first four lines.

    When that April with his showers soote its showers sweet
    The drought of March hath piercd to the root
    And bathd every vein in such liquor rootlet / liquid
    Of which virtúe engendered is the flower;2
    5 When Zephyrus eke with his sweet breath West Wind also
    Inspird hath in every holt and heath grove & field
    The tender cropps, and the young sun young shoots / Spring sun
    Hath in the Ram his half course y-run,3 in Aries / has run
    And small fowls maken melody little birds
    10 That sleepen all the night with open eye Who sleep
    (So pricketh them Natúre in their couráges), spurs / spirits
    Then longen folk to go on pilgrimáges, people long
    And palmers for to seeken strang strands pilgrims / shores
    To fern hallows couth in sundry lands,4 distant shrines known
    15 And specially from every shir’s end county’s
    Of England to Canterbury they wend go
    The holy blissful martyr for to seek, St. Thomas Becket
    That them hath holpen when that they were sick.

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