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The sunflower is a popular and unique plant that can’t really be compared to any other flowers. We’ve put together this little guide for you so that you can learn some interesting facts about sunflowers. To begin, we’ll discuss their native habitat. The Americans are home to the sunflower, which grows over a fairly wide range of terrain. From as far north as Ontario down to Georgia in the south, the East Coast is perhaps the ideal growing location. South America is also home to the flower, which was often used by the Incan people as an idol for their sun god. Europeans first discovered the flower in the early 16th century, and it became popular in the old country as well. The tall flowers can grow to incredible heights – often in excess of eleven or twelve feet. This is what gives sunflower fields their distinctive appearance, since nothing else quite matches their height. The yellow flower, in its earlier stages, will turn to face the sun. This allows the plant to take in as much bright light as it can, which assists with growth. You might notice this feature of you plant a sunflower garden at home. For more facts about sunflowers, please continue reading below.

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Facts about sunflowers – additional useful information

There are still more interesting facts about sunflowers to share. Due to its impressive size, the sunflower makes a great choice for your home garden. It will serve as a sort of centerpiece for the rest of your plants. Just make sure that you have unobstructed access to the sun, and remember to provide plenty of water every few days if you live in a dry region. You’ll find they start to grow to a good size in very little time, meaning you can enjoy them before too long after you plant the seed. Sunflower seeds are another popular feature of the flower. Not really seeds at all, they are actually the fruit of the flower. Salted, unsalted, roasted and plain, they make a delicious snack popular in many countries around the world. Sunflower oil is also a popular and healthy alternative to many other mainstream oils available on the market, and was especially appreciated by the Russian Orthodox Church because it was not forbidden during lent. The sunflower is the state flower of Kansas, and it acts as the symbol of vegan society. For more facts about sunflowers, or for information on how to obtain seeds or live plants, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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