Wine and Cheese Gift Basket Ideas

Wine and Cheese Gift Basket Benefits

There’s something to be said about the appeal of wine and cheese, a combination which has endured centuries of popularity around the world. For a high-class or social gathering, no two other items are more represented amongst the presented fare than these two. As such, both have also enjoyed great popularity as gifts.

When gift-shopping you may often find yourself at a loss as to what would be creative and personal enough to make a suitable gift for a friend or relative. Instead of falling back on gift certificates or a pair of socks, consider a wine and cheese gift basket as an alternative. By combining these two traditional favorites and presenting it in a decorative arrangement you will be sure to leave a smile on the face of your recipient.

A wine and cheese gift basket can be fully customized to suit your needs or the personal tastes of your recipient. If you know they have a favorite wine or type of cheese, you can feature them prominently within the wine and cheese basket itself to produce an ideal combination. As you can see, this is likely to be better-received than a Garfield tie or a pair of lottery tickets in a card.

Wine and Cheese Gift Basket Pairing Guide

One important thing to consider when arranging a wine and cheese gift basket is which types go well with each other. This is crucial, especially if your recipient is a critic of either. By showing them that you are aware of what matches well together you will appear more knowledgeable and thoughtful. If needed, your florist should be able to find out and suggest good combinations.

We’ve also put together a bit of general advice concerning popular ingredients in a wine and cheese gift basket. Perhaps the most popular variety of cheese is cheddar, and it certainly makes a great addition to any wine and cheese gift basket (in fact, it would seem almost barren without at least some cheddar). Mild cheddar goes well with champagne or chardonnay whereas sharper varieties are suited for cabernet or Sauvignon Blanc.

Mozzarella goes well with Chianti, whereas feta is paired nicely with Beaujolais. Provolone pairs nicely with chardonnay or Barolo, and Swiss is delicious with a bottle of fine Gewürztraminer. Be sure to pair Gouda with champagne and blue cheese with a tawny port or sherry for best results. For Asiago, Bardolino makes a fine match.

By considering the above common matches you can better prepare a suitable wine and cheese gift basket that will be well-received and highly enjoyable. By following such guides you can easily create a unique and perfect gift.

How to Order a Wine and Cheese Gift Basket

To order a wine and cheese gift basket, visit your florist’s shop and indicate that you wish to buy one as a gift. By working with your florist you can come up with combinations that will make your arrangement amazing. If you require advice they are the people to see when it comes to how best to prepare a wine and cheese gift basket.

Once you have placed your order the florist will head out to a local artisan cheese shop or market to acquire only the freshest and highest quality cheese. This is to ensure that your wine and cheese gift basket will meet even the most severe of criticisms and pass with flying colors.

It is a good idea to give a day or two of notice ahead of delivery to help the florist locate rare or limited-stock items. A lack of leeway can cause them to run into trouble and might result in your wine and cheese gift basket not meeting your initial hopes.

Arranging for delivery of your wine and cheese gift basket means that your present will arrive on time for a holiday or party for the enjoyment of the recipient and their guests. If you are unable to attend due to a trip or other engagement, this can be a great alternative to presenting the wine and cheese gift basket in person.

Next time you are stuck when choosing a present for someone, consider all of the possible advantages of customizing a quality wine and cheese gift basket. You really can’t go wrong with such a classical and time-honoured creation.

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