How to Draw Flowers – A Beginner’s Guide

A Guide on How to Draw Flowers

It’s an interesting thing to learn how to draw flowers. They are easily one of the most popular artistic choices for many due to their large variety, vibrant colors and endless potential for fresh combinations. Whether you desire to learn how to draw flowers for fun or for profit is up to you, but to succeed at either you must first master certain basic artistic principles.

When learning how to draw flowers, one thing to consider is whether you wish to concentrate on a single blossom, an entire plant or a large and complex scene. This can affect the style, materials and time involved.

Concentrating upon a single blossom when learning how to draw flowers can be the most difficult, despite the fact that your target is the smallest overall. In order to succeed, you must capture the full range of detail of each individual aspect of the flower’s structure. This can require a great deal of effort, but if you are skilled you can produce some extremely detailed and beautiful results.

If you elect to draw one plant, you must still pay attention to a high amount of detail, though not usually quite as much as with one blossom. With one plant, the stem, leaves and other aspects of its structure are all important things to keep in mind. Favoring excessive detail on one part and ignoring the others can produce lopsided or uneven drawings.

Drawing an entire field of flowers or a large natural scene may not require much finite detail, but you still need to pay attention to depth, size and shadows. Trying to make a scene look real can take some considerable effort, but is very rewarding once done. Some of the most popular artwork in the world consists of landscape scenes, which makes this a good choice if you are drawing for profit.

Tips on How to Draw Flowers

There are a number of steps involved with successfully recreating plants on paper. There at first might seem to be a large number of unusual shapes, but they can actually be broken down into some fairly simplistic geometric forms that assist with the drawing process.

How to Draw Flowers – Step 1

The first step is to study the object that you wish to recreate on paper. Can you recognize any basic shapes? The center of a flower often resembles a circle, which is one of the easier shapes to draw, and the petals often resemble triangular shapes, ovals or other circles. A rough drawing using only these shapes can give you a good sense of where and what to concentrate on, and will guide you at future stages during the project.

How to Draw Flowers – Step 2

Once you’ve done this you’ll probably notice that you have a very basic flower shape already, and that it looks more or less similar to the object. At this stage you’ll want to start filling in the more realistic shapes of the flowers, such as the petals and leaves or the center. Use a pencil to do this, and concentrate on lighter lines on the petals to create a delicate look.

When learning how to draw flowers or when drawing in general, a pencil is always your best bet. It’s easier to correct mistakes that way, especially with a good eraser.

How to Draw Flowers – Step 3

The third step when learning how to draw flowers is to ink in the outline of your shapes. Using a special inking pen is often best for this, and you can usually find those at an art supply shop in the same location as various types of pencils. When inking, trace along the outside lines overtop of your pencil work.

How to Draw Flowers – Step 4

The final step when learning how to draw flowers is to worry about details like shadows and veins. This can take some trial and error, but once you get better you may find it the most enjoyable part of the entire process. For shadows, keep in mind where the sun is, and pencil/ink them in accordingly. Don’t overdue the shadows, as you run the risk of lowering the realism of the finished product.

When drawing veins and other details, the best bet is to just try to recreate what you see as best as you can. Don’t improvise excessively, and try to stay as close to the original flower as possible.

How to Draw Flowers – Additional Information

There are fortunately many resources available to assist you when learning how to draw flowers. Your local library should offer at least some books about art, and your bookstore will definitely carry them. You may also wish to browse online for stores selling books.

When learning how to draw flowers, the best place to do so is outside. Sit in your garden or at a park and just try to recreate what you see. With a little practice you’ll be producing things that you love in no time at all.

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