Meaning of Flower Colours – An In-Depth Look

Meaning of Flower Colors – The Significance of Color

When discussing the meaning of flower colors, one must think back to when the concept of assigning them first arose. It is widely believed that this practice began before biblical times, with earlier civilizations tying in various colors with their gods or with specific emotions or ideas. This practice grew over time to become an elaborate system in the Victorian period and beyond.

Specifically in the Victorian era, the meaning of flower colors had high levels of significance amongst polite society. At the time, it was not considered quite proper to be outspoken and public about romantic feelings for another person, and so various deceptive games and systems were established to get across a message. One of these involved the meaning of flower colors.

Victorians were skilled at this game, and it was common for all members of polite society to be well-versed in the symbolism. For example, if a man had an interest in a woman, he would present her with a bouquet of red flowers to symbolize his love and affection. Using the color as a guide, she would understand his intended meaning without any sort of scene being needed.

Meaning of Flower Colors – Importance Today

Although our society is no longer as inhibited as that of Victorian England, we still utilize systems involving the meaning of flower colors as part of courting and social rituals. The meaning of flower colors largely remains the same, although some have changed. Yellow is a good example, as it has undergone a transformation from being considered a flower that represented negative emotions and dishonesty to instead representing peace, happiness, joy and other sunny emotions.

Here is a list of the meaning of flower colors, and how they can be applied to a social situation:

· White – White has long been associated with purity, innocence and chastity. This dates back to the bible and before, when white was considered heavenly. White still maintains these characteristics, and white flowers are often used for weddings, early birthdays and other occasions where purity is a chief element.

· Red – Red has been associated with love, romance and passion for a very long time. The perfect example is the bouquet of red roses, which has a traditional and time-honored message of love. Red remains the number one choice when it comes to gift flower colors, especially for romantic situations.

· Yellow – As mentioned above, yellow has undergone a change to now represent joy, happiness and friendship. Bright and cheerful like the sun itself, a bouquet of yellow flowers is perfect to lift the spirits of a friend or family member, and won’t run the risk of getting across an unintended romantic message.

· Pink – Gentleness, happiness, grace, admiration. These are all examples of the meaning of flower colors as used positively. Much like yellow, pink flowers are great for friends and family. They have a special relationship with young girls, and remain popular choices as gifts and decorations for birthday parties.

· Purple – Purple flowers, aside from being beautiful and pleasing to look upon, represent faithfulness, passion and hope. These can be great for a gift to a fiancée or significant other.

· Orange – Orange flowers represent enthusiasm, desire, sweetness and joy. They are a good mixed-use flower, and can work well with many other combinations.

Meaning of Flower Colors – How to Select the Right Ones

You might be wondering how to select the right color for your emotion or intended message. The above list of meaning of flower colors is but a small example to use as guidance. There are many other colors and many other meanings as well, all of which are worth considering.

If you are uncertain, the best place to go for help is your local florist. They make it their business to know any and everything flowers-related, and the meaning of flower colors is something they are well equipped to explain. Stop by their shop for advice and they can show you which different colors and combinations can work well for you.

You may also wish to visit their online store to browse for ideas, or to arrange for purchase and delivery if you’re unable to make it to their physical location. Floral displays like bouquets and centerpieces make excellent gifts, especially when you apply the meaning of flower colors to their selection.

Meaning of Flower Colors – Conclusion

You can easily surprise your friends and family alike with your intimate knowledge of the meaning of flower colors, especially if you are able to apply them all correctly to any situation. Utilizing the meaning of flower colors in your choosing process adds a personal touch to it that many will appreciate, and none will find in poor taste.

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