The Meaning of Flowers

The Meaning of Flowers – an informative guide about what they mean, and why

Meaning of Flowers – Overview

Meaning of flowers is often debated, but one thing is for certain – assigning a purpose and message to each individual flower is a popular practice that people all around the world have enjoyed for thousands of years. The meaning of flowers usually revolves around pleasant things – love, peace, honor, dignity and so on. It’s hard to disagree when considering the meaning of flowers thanks to the pleasant and enjoyable nature of blooms of all varieties.

It can be helpful to know the meaning of flowers when selecting gifts for someone, as it shows an extra level of thoughtfulness when you present them with something perfect for the occasion. That’s why we’ve constructed this handy alphabetical list of popular meanings of flowers. Armed with this knowledge about the meaning of flowers, you should be confident in your gift-giving choices.

Meaning of Flowers

· Acacia – Concealed love, beauty in retirement, chaste and pure love
· Ambrosia – Your love is reciprocated; perfect response to a declaration of love
· Amaryllis – Pride
· Arbutus – Love for you and you alone
· Aster – Symbol of love, femininity; suitable for weddings.
· Azalea – Be well, temperance, passion; also used as Chinese symbol for womanhood
· Bells of Ireland – Good luck
· Bluebell – Humility
· Cactus – Endurance and stamina
· Camellia – Love and longing for another
· Carnation, red – I love you; great for helping get the message across
· Carnation, white – Innocence; perfect for weddings.
· Chrysanthemum – You’re a good friend; a good choice for a sick friend
· Crocus – Cheer and happiness
· Daffodil – Regards, I love you
· Daisy – Purity, innocence; go well with wedding bouquets and decorations
· Fern – Magic, confidence
· Forget-me-not – Memories and true love; popular on Mother’s Day
· Geranium – Stupidity, mistakes
· Gloxinia – Love at first sight
· Heather, lavender – Admiration
· Heather, white – Protection
· Holly – Happiness at home; popular Christmas flower
· Hyacinth – Athletics, games and sports; great for decorating a sporting event
· Iris – Faith, hope wisdom and valor; also the traditional emblem of France
· Lily, white – Virginity and purity; goes well with wedding bouquets
· Lily of the valley – Sweetness, humility
· Magnolia – Nobility
· Mistletoe – Affection; traditional “kiss me” flower hung above doorways
· Monkshood – Beware
· Moss – Charity
· Myrtle – Hebrew symbol of marriage
· Narcissus – Egotism, formality
· Nasturtium – Conquest and victory
· Orange blossom – Innocence, marriage
· Orchid – Love, beauty; also the Chinese symbol for having many children
· Palm leaves – Success
· Peony – Shame
· Petunia – Anger and resentment
· Poppy – Oblivion, eternal rest; traditional flower of Remembrance Day
· Rose, crimson – Mourning
· Rose, pink – Happiness
· Rose, red – Love; perhaps the most popular flower in the world when it comes to romance
· Rose, white – Innocence and purity; great for weddings
· Rose, yellow – Jealousy
· Snapdragon – Deception
· Stock – Affection
· Sweet pea – Goodbye and departure
· Tulip, red – Declaration of love
· Tulip, yellow – Happiness
· Violet – Modesty
· Zinnia – Affection and remembrance; respectable for headstone decorations

Meaning of Flowers and How They can Help You

The meaning of flowers, as we’ve outlined above, are often wide and varied, but also enjoy a tendency of similarity. As you’ve noticed, white flowers seem to be universal for representation of purity and innocence, whereas red flowers are the traditional symbols of love. Armed with this knowledge about the meaning of flowers, you can easily make appropriate and tactful decisions when planning bouquets and arrangements for gifts, decorations and other purposes.

Meaning of Flowers – Ideas for Weddings

For example, if you’re trying to come up with decorations for a wedding ceremony – be it for the dress, bouquet or table centerpieces at the reception, remember to include a healthy base of white flowers. Not only will these match the traditional dress, but they’ll also go well with any other flowers you might choose. After all, white goes with anything, making it incredibly easy to work with. This can save a lot of hassle in the long run.

Keep in mind what you learned in the meaning of flowers section above. White is pure, so there’s really no better choice for a wedding ceremony.

Meaning of Flowers – Ideas for Romance

If you’re trying to capture someone’s eye or heart, red is the way to go. Nothing beats a dozen red roses (except two dozen, perhaps), when it comes to expressing your love. Tulips and carnations also work, especially when mixed with roses. The meaning of flowers assigns love and affection to red, so make sure that red is, if not your primary choice, at least present somewhere in the arrangement.

Meaning of Flowers – Additional Ideas

Armed as you are with this knowledge about the meaning of flowers, you can now include the proper choice with any arrangement. A fresh bouquet of meaningful flowers is great as a gift, and it’s easy to arrange for delivery.

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